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Chesapeake Energy to Pay Millions for Wetlands Destruction

No criminal charges against executives were pursued, however. So the environmental rhetoric of the Obama Administration is put aside in the latest corporate friendly deal under Eric Holder, his politically appointed Attorney General. Continue reading

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Automotive Waste Heat Recovery Closer to Production

Not surprisingly, given increasingly stringent fuel economy and CO2 regulations, much advanced research is being done to see how this wasted exhaust heat can be used. Two areas show promise – generating electricity from the heat, and/or using the exhaust heat for a vehicle’s heating and ventilation system. Continue reading

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U.S. Chamber of Commerce Attacks EPA, Again, over Powerplant Emission Rules

In today’s what’s not news department, the Energy Institute President Karen Harbert of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce today called on EPA to ensure that any new powerplant emission rules are cost-effective, attainable, and don’t harm the American economy. Continue reading

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UMD Researchers Get $1 Million for EV Battery Research

Lithium-ion batteries are problematic in electric vehicles due to short driving range, high cost, and low safety and reliability. Continue reading

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Electric Cars and Solar Cells are not so Clean

“Stating that an electric car is clean is like saying that a light bulb is clean. Light bulbs do not produce exhaust, but it doesn’t mean we can use them with zero emissions. The same holds true for electric cars,” said Zehner in an NPR interview Monday. Continue reading

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