Is China Now Clearly in the EV Affordability Lead?

EVs – Is China ready to move from incentives – Winning the Race for EV affordability Graph Courtesy JATO Dynamics

Ken Zino of on Is China Now Clearly in the EV Affordability Lead?

The JATO Dynamics counsultancy is building on its considerable knowledge of the industry with the release today of its data looking at the impact of government incentives on the electric vehicle (EV) market during the past decade. In so doing JATO prompts a realization at AutoInformed that China has the lead here.

This of course is not good news for occidental auto conglomerates or their customers, which through a forced combination of government regulation, shareholder pressure and consumer sentiment are investing billions in EVs to solve the very real and deadly problem of fossil fuel use, which has increasingly visible negative health and climate effects.

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