July US Light Vehicle Sales Still Stalled

US Light Vehicles Sales – July 2022 by Maker with share – courtesy of and copyright National Automobile Dealer Assn

Ken Zino of AutoInformed.com on July US Light Vehicle Sales Still Stalled

There’s an affordability crisis looming, AutoInformed predicts. Click to Enlarge.

“July sales were slightly behind the June volumes, but not all OEMs were that stable. GM lost more than 20,000 units, and it was outsold by Toyota for the first time since January. On the positive side, Ford, Mazda and Toyota gained the most volume from June. Toyota remained the bestselling brand, but its lead over Ford shrank considerably this month. Toyota was ahead of Ford by 2,400 units, down from the 8,000-unit lead in June. When it comes to models, the F-150 and RAV4 continue to fight fiercely for the sales crown, and this month the F-150 was ahead by 600 units. As these Non-Premium makes recover, Premium’s share was shy of 16% for the first time in three months,” said Augusto Amorim, Senior Manager, Americas Vehicle Sales Forecasts, LMC Automotive.

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