Making the Budget Deficit Great Again. November at $203 billion. Interest for Debt up $5 Billion

US Treasury Department WADC

Ken Zino of on CBO - Taxpayer Cost is $31B for Troubled Asset Relief Program

This is a pittance when viewed against Trump’s tax cuts for the rich.

All told, actions by Treasury, the Federal Reserve, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) reluctantly started under Republican President Bush and expanded and successfully implemented under Democratic President Obama turned the ailing economy around, albeit slowly and still with some harm to honest individuals, U.S. wealth creation and tax revenues. Critics back then included many Republicans (Junk Republicans or Republican idiotology?) said the government should have stood back and let the failed and frozen markets sort themselves out, a distinctly dubious if not absurd proposition bordering on fantasy – or outright lying in many peoples’ view – given that the private capital markets were frozen with fear of lending to over-leveraged firms.

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