NADA Predicts 2022 New-Vehicle Sales of 15.4M, up 3.4%

US Light Vehicle Sales Dec and CY 2021. Courtesy NADA

Ken Zino of on NADA Predicts 2022 New-Vehicle Sales

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Whether such long-term predictions are of any use is an open question at AutoInformed given the volatility of the ongoing COVID pandemic. Consider that 2021 closed with new-light vehicle sales of 14.93 million units, an increase of 3.1% compared to 2020’s sales volume of 14.47 million units. However, December 2021’s SAAR totaled just 12.44 million units, a decrease of -23.7% compared to December of 2020.
Comparing vehicle sales to inventory levels reveals that at the end of December 2021 it totaled 1.12 million units, up 7.4% compared to the end November 2021, but down -59.1% compared the end of December 2020’s total of 2.75 million units.

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