Labor Day Travel Forecast at 35.5 Million People

The lowest Labor Day gas prices in at least five years are expected.

About 35.5 million Americans will journey 50 miles or more from home during this Labor Day holiday weekend, the highest travel volume for the holiday since 2008 and a 1% increase compared to 2014. While the majority of travelers (30.4 million, 86% of all travelers) will celebrate the holiday with a final road trip before summer ends, air travel is also projected to grow 1.5% this holiday, according to AAA Travel.

When the Labor Day weekend falls later in the calendar people travel less. This year Labor Day falls on September 7, the latest possible day it can occur, so the overall travel growth potential is weaker in 2015.

Although, rising wages and falling gas prices have helped boost disposable income, which has risen 3.5% over last year, some consumers are using that money to save and pay debts. Automobile travel will increase by 1% this year, with 30.4 million travelers on the road. About 7.4% of travelers (2.6 million) will travel by air, a 1.5% increase from last year.

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