Baseball is Back! Wear a Mask, Get a Shot, Play Patriot Ball

Ken Zino of on our current coaches – who are starkly warning that Covid Ain’t Over ‘til it’s OverWhile many governors of a certain QOP – aka GOP – persuasion are determined to continue the ruinous and seditious policies of the last losing administration, Opening Day tomorrow once again provides the promise of renewal across our land.

But we will only make the playoffs, if we follow the coaching and read the signs of our current Administration – who are starkly warning that Covid Ain’t Over ‘til it’s Over. So please, please follow the guidelines; ignore heeding dangerous hecklers now on the sidelines, and get a shot or two before the late innings. Bask in the sun of our dawn’s early light and enjoy the athleticism of our fellow immigrants as they take us out to the ball game – safely…

The Way We Were

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