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Toyota, Subaru at Shanghai Introduce Latest Joint-Venture EVs

Toyota plans to produce the Toyota bZ4X in Japan and China, with worldwide sales of the model by the middle of 2022. U.S. product details eventually will emerge, but the product lines were under development with during the previously failed administration, currently ensconced in exile at Mira-lardo, that was hostile to globalization and started a losing trade war with China, the world’s largest auto market. Some delays were inevitable. The Toyota US lineup that, in total, accounts for more than 40% of all alternative powertrain vehicles sold in the U.S. – including battery electric, hydrogen fuel cell electrics, hybrids and plug-in hybrids. Continue reading

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Commerce Adds Seven Chinese Super-computing Entities to List Restricting Export or Transfer of Technologies Contrary to National Security or US Foreign Policy Interests

Today’s final rule adds Tianjin Phytium Information Technology, Shanghai High-Performance Integrated Circuit Design Center, Sunway Microelectronics, the National Supercomputing Center Jinan, the National Supercomputing Center Shenzhen, the National Supercomputing Center Wuxi, and the National Supercomputing Center Zhengzhou. These entities are involved with building supercomputers used by China’s military actors, its destabilizing military modernization efforts, and/or weapons of mass destruction (WMD) programs. Continue reading

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California EV Rebate Demand Exceeds Funding

“Existing funding for both standard and increased rebates is projected to be fully reserved in the coming weeks,” CARB said. Clearly CARB is trying to preempt or shape a potential political debate about EV subsidies are yet another example of how the system is rigged for the rich – the wealthier they are, the more taxpayer subsidies – aka socialism for the rich – accrue. Continue reading

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New Household Pulse Survey on COVID-19 Vaccinations Active

Unfortunately President Biden’s thus far excellent COVID-19 vaccination crusade hit a giant wall (not paid for by Mexico) when regulators recommended a “pause” in administering Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Biden, optimistically, noted that with a temporary loss of J&J ’s one-shot vaccine, there is enough of a supply of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines “for every single, solitary American.”  But data show tens of millions of Americans are uncertain about getting shots that doctors and other experts say are compulsory for the nation to rid itself of the  pandemic. Continue reading

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Radioactive Pollution Dilution – the US Backs Japan Dumping Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Waste Water?

This, laughable promise in the eyes of many critics – including China, South Korea and US client state Taiwan – who decried Japan’s announcement today that it would conduct allegedly controlled releases of potentially cancer-causing ionized water into the ocean that are expected to last for three decades. The whole ongoing life-threatening Fukushima Nuclear Disaster was caused, of course, by Tokyo Electric Power Company’s utter inability to monitor, and safely operate the now infamous plant. This is not exactly a credible witness for the defense in our view. Continue reading

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US March Vehicle Sales Rebound. Beating the COVID Reaper?

March 2021 sales were likely increased by delayed sales caused by harsh February winter weather. Then there’s the increase from stimulus checks following the passage of the Biden administration’s COVID-19 relief bill, which no Republican voted for. Continue reading

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Ford Sets New Interim Carbon-Neutral Targets. Greenwash?

The problem with all such reports is that saying something doesn’t mean that other areas of the company are actually supporting the stated goals. “Combining sustainability and financial performance in a single report,” Ford said, “is significant.” Well, given this, as I recall Ford has actively opposed attempts by stockholders at the last few annual meetings to reveal its PAC contributions. “Is this still the case? If so, what assurances can employees, stockholders and people have that you are not pursuing different anti-environmental policies out of public view under the Capital Dome by the politicians you are supporting?” is how I put it yesterday as a stockholder to T.R. Reid Director, Corporate and Public Policy Communications. Continue reading

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Free2Move eSolutions – New JV Linking Stellantis, Engie EPS

Free2Move eSolutions has the lofty ambition to support and ease the transition to electric mobility by offering “innovative and tailor-made electric solutions” for both private and business participants of the so-called – wince – value chain. Free2Move eSolutions activities will range from charging infrastructures (installation, servicing and operations), public and home charging subscriptions with monthly fee, to battery lifecycle management and advanced energy services such as Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) integration and energy management solutions to reduce the total cost of vehicle ownership. Continue reading

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Biden-Harris Administration Push Offshore Wind Power

This is significant for the future of electric vehicles as well since how the electricity is generated to recharge them determines how clean they really are. It was said that “meeting this target will trigger more than $12 billion per year in capital investment in projects on both U.S. coasts, create tens of thousands of good-paying, union jobs, with more than 44,000 workers employed in offshore wind by 2030 and nearly 33,000 additional jobs in communities supported by offshore wind activity. It will also generate enough power to meet the demand of more than 10 million American homes for a year and avoid 78 million metric tons of CO2 emissions. Continue reading

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Baseball is Back! Wear a Mask, Get a Shot, Play Patriot Ball

But we will only make the playoffs, if we follow the coaching and read the signs of our current Administration – who are starkly warning that Covid Ain’t Over ‘til it’s Over. So please, please follow the guidelines; ignore heeding dangerous hecklers now on the sidelines, and get a shot or two before the late innings. Bask in the sun of our dawn’s early light and enjoy the athleticism of our fellow immigrants as they take us out to the ball game – safely… Continue reading

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US Should Cautiously Track Solar GeoEngineering Research to Mitigate Climate Change – National Academies of Sciences

“Scientific understanding of many aspects of Solar GeoEngineering technologies remains limited, including how they could affect weather extremes, agriculture, natural ecosystems, or human health,” the report said.   Continue reading

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Meg Whitman and Mark Tatum Join GM’s Board of Directors

With the election of Whitman, 64, and Tatum, 51, GM has 13 directors. Seven GM directors are now women. Continue reading

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Census Survey – Stimulus Payments Eased Financial Suffering

Data from the US Census Bureau clearly support the need and positive effects of stimulus payments, unlike the failed Republican tax cuts for the rich that did not result in increased investments in the US economy because the off-shore holdings were largely fictional tax dodges not real investments in overseas businesses. Continue reading

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Isuzu, Hino, Toyota to Quicken Carbon Neutrality with Commercial Vehicle JV

Through this collaboration, they will try to hasten societal implementation and distribution of CASE technologies and services, and to help address various difficulties facing the transportation industry as well as help achieve a carbon-neutral society. Continue reading

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Nissan Recalls 80,376 Sentra Cars for Failed Brake Lights

The stop lamp switch may become contaminated with off-gassing from silicon- based grease used in surrounding components (HVAC and brake booster clevis pin) in close proximity. Oxidation may occur at the switch contact surface due to electric arcing, resulting in silicon dioxide build-up. This build-up may lead open circuits and an inoperative stop lamp switch. Continue reading

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