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State of Our Union and the Auto Industry

The auto industry’s economic impact reaches all 50 states, sustaining 10 million American jobs and more than $650 billion in paychecks. The Biden Administration – in the face of Republican opposition and treasonous praise for Putin’s war against Ukraine – has proposed a forward-looking plan that will help the auto industry continue to provide economic growth via a cleaner, safer and smarter automotive future. We need to control our destiny here. This is clear. We need to rid ourselves of alleged leaders who mock our alliances, favor rich despots and are long on talk, but weak on foreign policy and even weaker on our defense. Continue reading

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President Biden Targets 50% Electric Vehicle Sales in 2030

In addition, and consistent with the President’s Day One Executive Order, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) will announce how they are addressing the previous administration’s “harmful rollbacks of near-term fuel efficiency and emissions standards.” Continue reading

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Memorial Day – 31 May 2021

“Each generation of Americans receives the precious gift of liberty.  And we work to share it with more people; to make our country more open, more free, more fair; to bring us closer – closer to making our American creed a reality for all Americans: that all women and men are created equal; that all women and men equally deserve to be treated with dignity; that all men and women deserve equal rights, equal protection to build up futures for their families, and hope and opportunity.  Continue reading

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Small Business Pulse Weak – Large Negative Covid Effects

A tip of the AutoInformed racing helmet to Census Bureau employees for doing their jobs whilst under constant and ongoing attacks from the Republicans and COVID19.  Help is on the way for others, but it took the election of President Biden to signal the beginning of the beginning of recovery on 20 January 2021 at noon. Better late than never. But for the suffering it’s small compensation for enduring a President for four years who – based on his actions in office was unemployed all the while being pampered, housed, fed and subsidized – aka welfare for the rich –  by taxpayers he disdains. Continue reading

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