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Toyota Adds Four New 2023 Hybrid Corolla Models

auto industry commentary,, Ken Zino, Hybrid Corolla, Prius, Toyota New Global Architecture-C platform, Continue reading

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Breathing? Toyota Connected Cabin Awareness Uses 4D Radar

It has the capability to sense micro movements, defined as a heartbeat, motion and respiration of occupants across three full seating rows, the cargo area and footwells. It also classifies all occupants according to size, posture and position – supporting advanced safety applications. Continue reading

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Driverless Cars – People Less Positive Than You Might Assume

If you’re like most auto enthusiasts, likely you are comfortable with the progress of technology from manual chokes to feed-back carburetors to port and then direct fuel injection. Looked at through the windshield of a sports car, electronic shifting and … Continue reading

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Computer Bugs – Ford Launches New Certified Glass Network

Ford has apparently discovered the latest bugs in computerized vehicles. They are not the ones that smear your windshield. Continue reading

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IonQ, Hyundai Motor to Explore Quantum Computing for AVs

IonQ and Hyundai will look to for more efficient machine learning on quantum computers, as they can process enormous amounts of data faster and more accurately than classical systems. “Using a breakthrough in encoding images into quantum states, IonQ is already well underway in classifying 43 types of road signs using IonQ’s quantum processors,” the company claimed. The next phase will see the two companies apply IonQ’s machine learning data to Hyundai’s test environment and simulate various real-world scenarios. Continue reading

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Cruise CEO – It Will Be Hard to Sell a Car That Isn’t Self-Driving

The challenges are the cost of the technology that works and customer satisfaction – make the riders happy. Cruise is 6 weeks into dozens of driverless vehicles on the roads. The technology is scalable from two cities, to three, to 20 to… exponential growth. Hence the capital market interests. Continue reading

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State of Our Union and the Auto Industry

The auto industry’s economic impact reaches all 50 states, sustaining 10 million American jobs and more than $650 billion in paychecks. The Biden Administration – in the face of Republican opposition and treasonous praise for Putin’s war against Ukraine – has proposed a forward-looking plan that will help the auto industry continue to provide economic growth via a cleaner, safer and smarter automotive future. We need to control our destiny here. This is clear. We need to rid ourselves of alleged leaders who mock our alliances, favor rich despots and are long on talk, but weak on foreign policy and even weaker on our defense. Continue reading

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Audi of America, Verizon to bring 5G to Vehicle Line

Verizon is also linking with all three major cloud providers for mobile edge compute services, which can be used to develop innovative safety and autonomous driving features. Mobile edge computing with 5G connectivity provides the low latency needed for urgent C-V2X communications, such as the ability for vehicles to communicate with other vehicles, connected infrastructure, and devices in the environment around them in near real-time. Continue reading

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