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BMW – Digital Art Coming in Cars During 2022?

These new modes in BMW geek speak ,filtered through marketing babble: “Their unique moments enhance BMW’s driving experience by creating a synergy of the vehicle’s functions and its interior design. Depending on the driving situation and the overall mood, a holistic user experience featuring both a functional and an emotional level can be created at the touch of a button or via voice control. To that end, drive control and steering control, mood lighting and sound as well as the color scheme and graphics of the BMW Curved Display are precisely synchronized.” Continue reading

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GM, Qualcomm Enabling Hands-Free Driving in 2023

In Silicon Valley geek speak: “The Ultra Cruise compute is comprised of two Snapdragon SA8540P SoCs and one SA9000P AI accelerator to deliver key low-latency control functions on 16-core CPUs and high-performance AI compute of more than 300 Tera Operations Per Second for camera, radar and lidar processing. The Snapdragon SoCs are designed with 5nm process technology, enabling superior performance and power efficiency. The Snapdragon SA8540P SoCs will provide the necessary bandwidth for Ultra Cruise’s sensing, perception, planning, localization, mapping and driver monitoring.” Continue reading

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Amazon and Stellantis to Connect Vehicles to Digital Services

The STLA SmartCockpit platform will use Amazon products that are purpose-built for vehicles, it’s claimed. Stellantis will produce custom, brand and vehicle-specific capabilities. The software will offer services through an app store displayed through an “adaptive user interface design that presents timely, relevant information and features suited to each occupant’s individual needs and preferences.” In other words, you will be tracked. What happens to your personal information – how it is used, sold or resold or given to government entities – was not disclosed in the announcement. Continue reading

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GM Cuts More Deals on Materials, Factories for EV Motors

Lurking in the background of this issue is a larger national security problem that sees China spending twice as much on research and development as the US. A bill to restore and increase US government sponsored scientific R&D has passed the Senate but is being held up by infighting among Democrats in the House of Representatives, which is representative of our ongoing politically-based dysfunctional government. See David Leonard in The New York Times this morning.  Continue reading

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Connected – Bosch Touts Application Independent Software

“Software development is a longstanding core competence at Bosch. Every year, we put more than 200 million control units running our own software into vehicles worldwide. With this new set-up, we want to become the leading provider of application-independent vehicle software,” says Dr. Stefan Hartung, chairperson of the Mobility Solutions business sector of Robert Bosch GmbH. Continue reading

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CARB Fines Honda Motor for Small Engine Emissions

Small off-road engines are a major source of pollution in California. In California during 2021, these small engines surpassed light-duty passenger cars as a source of smog-forming emissions. This includes the emissions of raw fuel that continue to evaporate from these engines, lawn mowers and other equipment even when they are powered off. CARB will consider a regulation on 9 December 2021 to transition small off-road engines to zero-emission technologies, aka electric. This will help California “meet its required federal clean air standards, clean the air and significantly reduce harmful emissions for those who work all day with these small off-road engines.” Continue reading

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Ford Motor US Sales Up in November

As usual Ford Motor should consider changing its name to Ford Truck. Ford brand SUVs achieved record November retail sales on the success of new products. Sales increased 25.6% y-o-y to a  total of 66,390 vehicles. The Bronco family had its highest combined sales since launch – totaling 19,773 SUVs, which to put it in perspective is less than the output of one assembly plant on an annual basis. Sales of Lincoln’s new Nautilus increased 24.9% y-o-y. Year-to-date, sales of the new Nautilus are up 14.6%. While inventory is scant, Lincoln took in a record number of new retail vehicle orders last month, totaling 2,600. Mustang Mach-E sales increased 8.4% from October on sales of 3,088 SUVs, though as a latecomer it still trails Tesla’s Model Y by a wide margin. Continue reading

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EV Gold Rush – GM, Posco to Build New Plant

“We are building a sustainable and resilient North America-focused supply chain for EVs covering the entire ecosystem from raw materials to battery cell manufacturing and recycling,” said Doug Parks, GM executive vice president, Global Product Development, Purchasing and Supply Chain. Analysts will not that Korean owned Posco’s operating income and net income have declined in 2019 and 2020. The GM deal – if it works – will be beneficial to the company, which also has close business ties with China. Continue reading

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