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Lamborghini Joining IMSA GTP LMDh in 2024

Since 2016, Lamborghini has posted 15 victories in the WeatherTech Championship GTD class, including consecutive wins at the Rolex 24 in 2018, ‘19 and ’20. Continue reading

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Restricted Sale of Genesis GV60 EV Starts Today at $60,000

The GV60 will be offered in two packages in the United States. Initially, the 2023 Genesis GV60 will only be sold at some Genesis retailers in California, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York. It is as much a biometric information sales experiment as it is a vehicle. Customer response will be worth watching. No range numbers were in the release? Continue reading

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SEC Charges Autonomous Vehicle Supplier NVIDIA with Shoddy Disclosures

NVIDIA is a US-based artificial intelligence (AI) computing company that is a significant automotive supplier for an important building block in a network of several individual ECUs (Electronic control units)  used in automated and driverless vehicles. It goes by the name Drive Pegasus. Continue reading

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Stellantis Hackathon – Hardware Enhanced by Software

It’s the latest example of the direction that mobility tech companies, aka automakers, are taking as the industry moves from only “hardware” involving stamping, welding and bolting to software-defined vehicles. Many if not all automakers are racing to  grow from their old blacksmithing ways. Continue reading

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Chinese Commerce – Dongfeng Honda Begins Sale of NS1 EV

The all-new e:NS1 and e:NP1 are the first of the so-called “e:N Series” models developed as the first Honda-brand EV models in China. The newly created e:N architecture consists of an electric motor that delivers instantaneous output and a claimed subtle control in various driving situations. A large-capacity battery enables a range of 510 km (CLTC base in China). It also allows dedicated body frames. Continue reading

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IonQ, Hyundai Motor to Explore Quantum Computing for AVs

IonQ and Hyundai will look to for more efficient machine learning on quantum computers, as they can process enormous amounts of data faster and more accurately than classical systems. “Using a breakthrough in encoding images into quantum states, IonQ is already well underway in classifying 43 types of road signs using IonQ’s quantum processors,” the company claimed. The next phase will see the two companies apply IonQ’s machine learning data to Hyundai’s test environment and simulate various real-world scenarios. Continue reading

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Software – Automakers Out of Touch with Drivers and Safety

“Having a giant touchscreen interface is really about saving hardware costs by implementing everything in software,” says Blackie. “Recently, though, there’s been growing disquiet as years of ergonomic study and usability experience are abandoned in the rush to cram everything onto a single screen.” Continue reading

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Chinese Hyper EV – the Lotus Eletre SUV Debuts

“The Eletre, our Hyper-SUV, is a new performance car from an iconic performance car brand and it will appeal to independent-minded and adventurous driving enthusiasts -those who love the thrill of driving. It is a unique combination of beautiful design, exceptional dynamic performance and everyday usability, for those who dare to look beyond the conventional, and marks a turning point for our business and brand,” claimed Qingfeng Feng, CEO, Group Lotus. Continue reading

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