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GM CAMI – Becoming Canada’s First Full-Scale EV Plant

By September, the GM team will have prepped the building and installed the new BrightDrop production equipment. CAMI expects to begin returning employees in October for training on the new line. The first BrightDrop Zevo 600 is planned to roll off the line at CAMI in before the end of the year. Continue reading

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GM 2021 Sustainability Report – Equitable Climate Actions

The report comes after a Q1 earnings report that showed financial performance that was down for shareholders – at $1.35 per share, off  $0.68 compared year-over-year. Overall, Q1 net earnings of $ 2,939,000,000 came from $11 billion in revenue, with a Net Income margin of 8.2%, down 1.1 ppts.* GM’s Q1 market share was 9% on sales of 1.4 million units. Market share was down year-over-year due to semiconductor shortages and lack of dealer inventory. GM has an ambitious strategy that it must execute almost flawlessly to retain its position among other leading global automakers. Continue reading

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Stellantis Hackathon – Hardware Enhanced by Software

It’s the latest example of the direction that mobility tech companies, aka automakers, are taking as the industry moves from only “hardware” involving stamping, welding and bolting to software-defined vehicles. Many if not all automakers are racing to  grow from their old blacksmithing ways. Continue reading

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Subaru 2023 Solterra Electric SUV Starts at $46,220

The “late to the EV party” Solterra has new electrification and in-vehicle technology. The Solterra name was created using (marketing babble alert> “the Latin words for ‘Sun and Earth’ to represent Subaru’s commitment to deliver traditional SUV capabilities in an environmentally responsible package.” Continue reading

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Mitsubishi Starts Office-Free Work-From-Home Policy

This appears to be an automaker first, or at least one from a company of some size. With headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee, and corporate operations in California, Georgia, Michigan, New Jersey, Texas, Florida and Virginia, MMNA directly and indirectly employs more than 8,000 people across the United States. Continue reading

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Ford Issues 2022 Integrated Sustainability and Financial Report

The problem with all such reports is that saying something doesn’t mean that other areas of the company are actually supporting the stated goals. “Combining sustainability and financial performance in a single report,” Ford said, “is significant.” Well, given this, Ford has actively opposed attempts by stockholders at the last few annual meetings to reveal its PAC contributions. Is Ford dispensing shareholder money to politicians or companies that are actively opposed to its stated goals? Given the vast complexity of Ford’s, Democracies’ and the globe’s survival threats, it’s a key measurable in AutoInformed’s view. Continue reading

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VW to Drop Fossil Fuels, Spend $7.1B on Products, R&D and Manufacturing in Canada, Mexico and US

Keogh claimed a commitment to software and “digital solutions” for American consumers, developed directly in the United States. As part of that, Volkswagen plans to bring over-the-air (OTA) updates and new software features, such as plug and charge, for the ID.4 this year. Volkswagen is also working with CARIAD SE, Volkswagen Group’s software entity, to supporting the formation of its North American subsidiary in 2022, with software units in Seattle, WA, and California’s Bay Area. Continue reading

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Maserati – First Italian Luxury Brand to Produce EVs?

Now, Maserati is about to become the first luxury brand to launch a 100% electric sports car under the Maserati Folgore name (translation Lightning or Flash Of Lighting). The new GranTurismo will be the first car in Maserati history to adopt 100% electric “solutions.” Made at the Mirafiori production site, it will debut in the market in 2023. The new GranTurismo, it’s claimed, will offer “cutting-edge technical solutions derived from Formula E – superb performance, comfort and elegance.” Continue reading

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