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China: Nippon Steel Sues Toyota over Steel Sheet Patent

The conflict arises from Baoshan Iron & Steel, based in Shanghai, China, and a subsidiary of state-owned China Baowu Steel Group. It is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Toyota uses Baoshan steel sheet. It comes at a time when the Biden Administration is wrestling with US trade policy with China. The former administration started a trade war that cost US jobs, damaged the agricultural sector, and was a disaster for the US auto industry in China, the world’s largest vehicle market. It is also involved in a dispute about whether proposed lavish EV buyer tax credits should apply to imported and non-union made electric vehicles. Continue reading

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Lyft Starts Driver Legal Defense Fund vs Abortion Vigilantes

In the latest, but by no means the last development supporting democracy in the face of mob rule, Lyft has created a Driver Legal Defense Fund to cover 100% of legal fees for drivers sued under SB8. Continue reading

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FAA Data Show Trends in Dangerous Aircraft Laser Strikes

“Pointing a laser at an aircraft can temporarily blind a pilot and not only affects the crew but endangers passengers and the communities they fly over every night,” said FAA Administrator Steve Dickson. Continue reading

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SEC Charges Nikola Founder Trevor Milton With Fraud

The SEC’s complaint, filed in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, alleges that Milton founded Nikola in 2015 with the primary goal of manufacturing trucks that run on alternative fuels with low or zero emissions, and building an alternative fuel station infrastructure to support those vehicles. Milton allegedly helped Nikola raise more than $1 billion in private offerings and go public through a business combination conducted by a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). Continue reading

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Three More Ford Recalls – 885,569 F-Series, Explorers, Aviators

The largest recall and the one with associated injury claims covers 2013-2017 Ford Explorer vehicles that may experience a seized cross-axis ball joint. Ford is issuing this safety recall for approximately 774,696 2013-2017 Ford Explorer vehicles that may experience a seized cross-axis ball joint that may cause a fractured rear suspension toe link. Affected vehicles may experience a clunk noise, unusual handling, or a misaligned rear wheel. Fracture of a rear toe link significantly diminishes steering control, increasing the risk of a crash. Continue reading

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The Growing Non-Exclusive Dieselgate Club – Fraud Charges Also in France for Renault on Diesel Emissions Levels

The investigation opened on 12 January 2017 on older generations of diesel vehicles, Renault s.a.s. was placed under examination on 8 June 2021 on the charge of deceit, aka fraud. Investigators accused Renault of “fraudulent strategies” used by top managers for more than 25 years to falsify the emission test results, including its longtime chief Carlos Ghosn. The EU Parliament adopted legislation last November that will allow US-style class action lawsuits against companies accused of wide-scale fraud. Continue reading

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Stellantis – Diesel Emissions Probes for Consumer Fraud

The Stellantis Group, which was established in January 2021, also said it will continue its predecessors’ policies and cooperate fully with the justice system in order to resolve this matter expeditiously. It, of course, has no other good options. Stay tuned for the next chapter of Dieselgate, where major automakers used software to cheat on emissions tests. Continue reading

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Dutch Court Rules Shell Must Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The ruling sets a significant precedent. It clearly opens the door to climate change litigation against other energy companies, such as Total, BP, Exxon, Mobil, or Chevron, among others. Ultimately, when all the legal maneuvering to escape culpability is over from well-financed Big Oil, fossil fuel suppliers will be forced to increase and/or speed emission reduction plans and their implementation. Continue reading

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