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GM Expanding Super Cruise Hands-Free Driver Assistance

Super Cruise accelerates or brakes the vehicle to maintain a selected following gap from a vehicle ahead, steers to maintain lane position, and on some models when offered, can perform both driver and system-initiated lane changes to pass slower traffic and to move from a lane that may be ending, while monitoring the driver’s head position and/or eyes in relation to the road to help ensure driver attention. Continue reading

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Hyundai Motor, Michelin MoU to Develop Tires for Premium EVs

It appears a prime motivator of the new research is on tire performance to accommodate the increases in vehicle weight that will occur as automakers rush to convert or spawn EVs in the utility vehicle and luxury segments, which generally speaking are larger and less efficient than their counterparts in the more modestly priced car segments. As the size, weight and range of EVs continue to increase, so do the demands placed on the tires. Continue reading

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Safety Performance of Advanced Vehicle Technologies Murky

The set of crashes, which automakers and operators reported to NHTSA from the time the SGO was issued last June, are clearly important. They provide NHTSA with direct information about crashes that occur with vehicles that have various levels of automated driving systems deployed at least 30 seconds before a crash occurred. Continue reading

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Hyundai Motor Group to Test Autonomous Car-Hailing

For the ride-hailing experiment, the Group has obtained a temporary autonomous driving operation permit from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT) of Korea. It will collaborate with Jin Mobility, a Korean startup operating the artificial intelligence (AI)-powered car-hailing mobility platform ‘i.M.’. Jin Mobility will be in charge of operating the two IONIQ 5 RoboRide units on its i.M application. The Group also plans to expand the pilot service, while further developing autonomous driving technology “with consideration for various conditions, such as driving stability.” Continue reading

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Driverless Cars – People Less Positive Than You Might Assume

If you’re like most auto enthusiasts, likely you are comfortable with the progress of technology from manual chokes to feed-back carburetors to port and then direct fuel injection. Looked at through the windshield of a sports car, electronic shifting and … Continue reading

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SEC Charges Autonomous Vehicle Supplier NVIDIA with Shoddy Disclosures

NVIDIA is a US-based artificial intelligence (AI) computing company that is a significant automotive supplier for an important building block in a network of several individual ECUs (Electronic control units)  used in automated and driverless vehicles. It goes by the name Drive Pegasus. Continue reading

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Computer Bugs – Ford Launches New Certified Glass Network

Ford has apparently discovered the latest bugs in computerized vehicles. They are not the ones that smear your windshield. Continue reading

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Green Autonomous Mobility at Michigan State University

The Spartan bus completed on-campus testing, which did not include written college admission tests. More than 650 test runs of its route during all hours of the day helped make the official deployment possible. As part of the process to accept passengers, validation of the bus, route and infrastructure was granted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). It appears to be the first and only SAE Level-4 automated bus that has NHTSA approval. Continue reading

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