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Driverless Cars – People Less Positive Than You Might Assume

If you’re like most auto enthusiasts, likely you are comfortable with the progress of technology from manual chokes to feed-back carburetors to port and then direct fuel injection. Looked at through the windshield of a sports car, electronic shifting and … Continue reading

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SEC Charges Autonomous Vehicle Supplier NVIDIA with Shoddy Disclosures

NVIDIA is a US-based artificial intelligence (AI) computing company that is a significant automotive supplier for an important building block in a network of several individual ECUs (Electronic control units)  used in automated and driverless vehicles. It goes by the name Drive Pegasus. Continue reading

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Computer Bugs – Ford Launches New Certified Glass Network

Ford has apparently discovered the latest bugs in computerized vehicles. They are not the ones that smear your windshield. Continue reading

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Green Autonomous Mobility at Michigan State University

The Spartan bus completed on-campus testing, which did not include written college admission tests. More than 650 test runs of its route during all hours of the day helped make the official deployment possible. As part of the process to accept passengers, validation of the bus, route and infrastructure was granted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). It appears to be the first and only SAE Level-4 automated bus that has NHTSA approval. Continue reading

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Stellantis Hackathon – Hardware Enhanced by Software

It’s the latest example of the direction that mobility tech companies, aka automakers, are taking as the industry moves from only “hardware” involving stamping, welding and bolting to software-defined vehicles. Many if not all automakers are racing to  grow from their old blacksmithing ways. Continue reading

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IonQ, Hyundai Motor to Explore Quantum Computing for AVs

IonQ and Hyundai will look to for more efficient machine learning on quantum computers, as they can process enormous amounts of data faster and more accurately than classical systems. “Using a breakthrough in encoding images into quantum states, IonQ is already well underway in classifying 43 types of road signs using IonQ’s quantum processors,” the company claimed. The next phase will see the two companies apply IonQ’s machine learning data to Hyundai’s test environment and simulate various real-world scenarios. Continue reading

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Stellantis to Consolidate Financial Services in China

The latest move comes after the restructuring of financial services in Europe and the United States. It is in keeping with its “asset light business model” developed in part given the extremely high cost of converting to electric and autonomous vehicles in what has become a global race for survival. Stellantis has plans for 75 new EV models by 2030. Continue reading

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Mercedes EQS Sedan Valet Parks Itself in Los Angeles

“The demonstration… showcases how automated valet parking will operate in a working hotel environment where both automated and non-automated vehicles operate alongside pedestrian traffic,” said Dr. Kay Stepper, senior vice president of automated driving and driver assistance for Bosch in North America. “This allows us to dive into the dynamics of local deployments with the use of a highly-connected EQS from Mercedes-EQ to demonstrate how automated technology continues to move forward,” Stepper said. If all doesn’t go well? That’s the way the Mercedes Bends… Continue reading

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