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Ford India Shelves EV Manufacturing Export Plans

In an official response as Ford’s Annual Meeting was underway in the US, Ford India’s spokesperson confirmed and said, “After careful review, we have decided to no longer pursue EV manufacturing for exports from any Indian plant.” At the Annual Meeting Bill Ford and Jim Farley fielded tough questions about its EV strategy, splitting the company into two arms and ongoing supply chain and perennial guilty problems. Ford shares are down ~40% this year. (AutoInformed: Ford Motor Blues – Q1 Loss of $3.1 Billion; Ford Motor Structure Threatens Viability. Vast Reorg Coming) Continue reading

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GM CAMI – Becoming Canada’s First Full-Scale EV Plant

By September, the GM team will have prepped the building and installed the new BrightDrop production equipment. CAMI expects to begin returning employees in October for training on the new line. The first BrightDrop Zevo 600 is planned to roll off the line at CAMI in before the end of the year. Continue reading

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Milestones – Production Begins for Ford F-150 Lightning EV

Ford Motor, whose existence was tenuous during the Great Recession, is now the top automaker in America in terms of 2021 production, sales of US-made vehicles and employment of hourly autoworkers. The F-150 Lightning is the only full-size electric pickup available now with a starting price less than $40,000. Ford F-Series has been America’s best-selling truck for 45 years running and is second only to the iPhone in revenue among all American consumer products, according to a 2020 study. Continue reading

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Chinese Commerce – Dongfeng Honda Begins Sale of NS1 EV

The all-new e:NS1 and e:NP1 are the first of the so-called “e:N Series” models developed as the first Honda-brand EV models in China. The newly created e:N architecture consists of an electric motor that delivers instantaneous output and a claimed subtle control in various driving situations. A large-capacity battery enables a range of 510 km (CLTC base in China). It also allows dedicated body frames. Continue reading

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Toyota to Spend $383M in US for Gasoline Engines?

The new investment supports the production of four-cylinder engines, including options for hybrid electric vehicles, at its Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee plants – all red states that are part of the ongoing Republican denial of climate change and its deadly human and planetary effects caused by the use of fossil fuels. Toyota’s U.S. plants produce roughly half of the vehicles it sells in the US. Continue reading

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BMW Cutting CO2 Emissions from Aluminum Wheel Casting

There is not a globally agreed methodology, approved audits or accounting principles or common terminology in the increasing use of sustainability by large manufacturers. The German auto industry is currently under heavy criticism for its lobbying the German government to not impose sanctions on the use of Russian or other fossil fuels, saying it can’t be done. There isn’t even an agreed way to spell or say aluminium in English. Continue reading

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GM, Honda to Develop New EVs for Sale in 2027

The business justification for the expansion of GM Honda collaboration has increased in urgency since yesterday’s release of the latest UN report on Greenhouse Gases. It said that greenhouse gas emissions must peak by 2025 at the latest, and then drop by more than 40% by the end of the decade to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels. Continue reading

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German Automakers Bearing Brunt of Putin’s War on Ukraine

“The war in Ukraine has led to plant closures across Germany and a likely loss of around 150k units in March alone,” James Norris, Senior Analyst, European Light Vehicle Production at the respected LMC Automotive consultancy said today. By the … Continue reading

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