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First 2022 Toyota Tundra Built in Texas

In 2019, TMMTX announced an investment of $391 million to prepare for production of the 2022 Tundra, pushing its cumulative investment to more than $3.1 billion. The investment helped TMMTX prepare for production of the next generation Tundra by expanding its facility by 141,000 linear feet – equivalent to 470 football fields – for un-named new processes and technologies to bring the redesigned truck to customers. This included preparations to assemble a hybrid electric version Tundra – the brand’s 12th electrified vehicle. TMMTX is relatively small with the annual capacity to only build 208,000 vehicles. Continue reading

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Re-Run: Subaru of America Unveils 2023 Solterra EV

The “late to the EV party” Solterra has new electrification and in-vehicle technology. The Solterra name was created using (marketing babble alert> “the Latin words for ‘Sun and Earth’ to represent Subaru’s commitment to deliver traditional SUV capabilities in an environmentally responsible package.” Continue reading

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Toyota Subaru JV Spawns Global Debut of Solterra EV

“The e-Subaru Global Platform enables a driving experience with superior driving dynamics, which brings high stability and handling linearly responds to driver’s steering operation,” claimed Subaru. Notably, but not uniquely, high-capacity battery packs are placed under the floor and by using the battery as a part of the structure, a low center of gravity and high body strength and rigidity are achieved. Continue reading

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First Look: Gen 3 2022 Toyota Tundra

Other added items include a high-strength boxed, steel-ladder frame, aluminum-reinforced composite bed and redesigned multi-link rear suspension. The result is a competitive Tundra with a maximum towing capacity of up to 12,000 pounds, +11%, and a max payload capacity of 1,940 pounds, +17.6%. Continue reading

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C’est Voilà – Renault Trafic Hippie Caviar Hotel in Reality

“Renault’s ambition is to expand its nomadic range in Europe, in a market that has been exploding for the last 10 years. After a successful test in Switzerland, all-new Trafic Space Nomad extends its scope to freedom aficionados,” said Thierry Plantagenets, LCV Global Sales & Marketing Director, Renault Group. Continue reading

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First Look – 2022 Hyundai Elantra N

Elantra N is powered by a 2.0-liter, turbocharged, direct-injected four-cylinder engine with a 52-mm turbine wheel and a 12.5-mm turbine passage – with an area increased by 2.5 mm. These enhancements, along with the optimization of the shape and material of the cylinder block, improve both performance and durability it’s claimed. As a result, the so-called flat-power technology makes maximum output from 5,500 rpm for quick acceleration. Continue reading

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Nissan Shows All-New 2023 Z Sports Car

Abandoning the German style of nomenclature it emulated, Nissan has just revealed the latest version of what began as the 1970 Datsun 240Z. This time numeric designations are dropped; the redesign will be known in the United States by just one letter – Z. Continue reading

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Lotus Emira to Make US Debut with F1 Racer Jenson Button

The Lotus Emira will be joined with the Lotus Evija hypercar and the Radford 62-2 at The Quail: A Motorsport Gathering on Friday the 13th of August. Continue reading

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