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Renault Group, Plug Power to be at HyVolution Tradeshow

HYVIA is preparing a portfolio of three hydrogen powered light commercial vehicles: a van, a chassis cab and a city bus, with a range of up to 500 km, as well as a complete ecosystem of H2 stations, H2 production and associated services. The first vehicles are expected to be on the road from mid-2022. With a payload of up to 1000 kg, Master Chassis Cab H2-TECH is equipped with a 30-kW fuel cell, a 33-kWh battery and tanks containing 3 kg of hydrogen (2 tanks of 1.5 kg) at 700 bars. Continue reading

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Western Europe – BEVs Gaining Share. Diesel Threatened.

“Further decline is inevitable though and may be accelerated by steep price increases at the diesel pump. Gasoline prices have risen a little less, which heightens the attractiveness of that fuel type over diesel while BEV looks increasingly alluring from a fuel price standpoint as liquid road fuels continue at near-record price levels across the region,” noted LMC. Continue reading

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Porsche Buys into eFuels via HIF Global

The sports car and SUV manufacturer initially plans to use the eFuel from Chile in motorsport projects. In the future, it is also conceivable that they will be used to fuel the company’s own vehicles with combustion engines during initial fueling at the factory, and at Porsche Experience Centers.
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Whither Diesel? – Viable Fuel or Blah, Blah, Blah…

At first this seems more blah, blah, blah around doing something about Global Warming and extreme, deadly weather caused by burning fossil fuels. However, both had reasoned observations backed by data for what turned out to be a rarity in our poisoned political climate of resentments and wanton constitutional destruction that is burning far hotter – way beyond any inferno caused by CO2. Continue reading

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Building Forward Better – President Biden, DOT, DOE Announce $5B National EV Charging Network

 “A century ago, America ushered in the modern automotive era; now America must lead the electric vehicle revolution,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. “The President’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will help us win the EV race by working with states, labor, and the private sector to deploy a historic nationwide charging network that will make EV charging accessible for more Americans.” Continue reading

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GM Plans to Expand Fuel Cell Sales Beyond Vehicles

These planned fuel-cell generators could eventually replace gas- and diesel-burning generators with fewer emissions at worksites, buildings, movie sets, data centers, outdoor concerts and festivals. They could also back up or temporarily replace grid-sourced electricity for residential and small commercial enterprises at times of power disruption. Continue reading

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Biden Proposes New Clean Energy Policies and Actions on Offshore Winds, Public Lands, Transmission Lines

Build Back Better will, no doubt, continue to be opposed by the Republican party comprised of nope-dopes heavily financed by fossil-fuel and related businesses. Continue reading

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Washington Diddles. India Puts Billions into Securing EV Jobs

This is not an isolated occurrence. Electric vehicles, the so-called hydrogen economy and connected cars are the future of the planet and high paying employment. Virtually all major industrial nations are promoting policies and incentives to become major forces where no automaker dares to go alone. Except the dis-United States it seems. Even Senator Manchin’s next Maserati that he drives to his yacht will likely be an EV. Built where? The question facing Washington politicians of his ilk is simple: Do you care about the people in your district? Continue reading

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