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FAA – Largest Fines Ever for Two Unruly Passengers

“If you are on an airplane, don’t be a jerk and don’t endanger the flight crews and fellow passengers. If you do, you will be fined by the FAA,” U.S. Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg said when he announced the fines. Continue reading

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EPA Fines Iowa, Missouri Sellers of Auto ‘Defeat Devices’

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said today it will collect civil penalties from two companies that allegedly sold illegal “defeat devices”  that are designed to make automobile emission controls inoperative, in violation of the federal Clean Air Act. Baillie Diesel … Continue reading

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Nikola to Pay $125 Million to SEC on Fraud Charges

The SEC’s order says that “before Nikola had produced a single commercial product, Milton embarked on a public relations campaign aimed at inflating and maintaining Nikola’s stock price. Milton’s statements in tweets and media appearances falsely gave investors the impression that Nikola had reached certain product and technological milestones.” Continue reading

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Census – US Population Growth Slowest Ever

Given our urgent need to be internationally competitive and the staunch Republican opposition to helping poor families and young children in favor of tax cuts for the super wealthy, the news comes at a particularly bad time for the Party of Nope , aka Republicans or the grand old white NOPe. When will they put country over ideological allegiance to what is now the party of insurrection and treason? Continue reading

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Immunomedics CFO Charged with Insider Trading

Herewith the, err, lowlights from the SEC legal action: while serving as CFO of Immunomedics, Usama Malik learned that the FDA had permitted the company to halt a clinical trial for a breast cancer drug because the existing trial data provided compelling evidence that the drug was effective. Malik – who was subject to a trading “black-out” that prohibited him and anyone living in his household from purchasing Immunomedics stock – immediately told Lauren S. Wood, with whom he lived at the time, as well as three family members. Wood and two of the family members then bought Immunomedics stock, as did an account in the name of the third family member’s spouse. Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2021 – We Celebrate Our 401st Annual Feast

This war was won – against all odds by common militias and irregulars. They compelled a superpower British Army to surrender in the field for the first time since the tyrant Napoleon – because the Crown and its privileged generals were fighting an idea first put forth in our Declaration of Independence, then codified in our Constitution that “We the People” would govern ourselves. This WE idea was bigger than a richly privileged class who hired others to fight for them. Now, once again, the courtiers of privilege and wealth – if not mega-wealth itself – is presiding over our fate using hatred and drummed up grievances that omit WE in favor of traitorous behavior aimed at burning Our Constitution at the hands of proud boys of insurrection. Continue reading

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FAA Fines Passengers for Alcohol-Related Unruly Behavior

Some of the cases have been referred to the Department of Justice for criminal action. Federal law prohibits passengers from consuming alcohol aboard a flight that is not served by a flight attendant. In August, the FAA administrator sent a letter to airports requesting that they work to prevent passengers from bringing “to-go” cups of alcohol aboard the aircraft. Continue reading

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Biden’s Build Back Better Act Decreases Budget Deficit!

Some of those budgetary effects are associated with programs that are classified as off-budget. The decrease in the on-budget deficit over that period would be $783.3 billion. To do the math for insurrectionist Republicans, this means ~$14 Billion dollars in the black, which probably because of the color means that most Republicans will no doubt oppose it. The failed former president, currently the insurrectionist in chief residing in Flori-duh, not only didn’t actually do anything to repair the infrastructure despite voluminous weekly (weakly?) announcements that it was infrastructure week, his tax cuts for the rich ran up record deficits. Continue reading

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