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Breathing? Toyota Connected Cabin Awareness Uses 4D Radar

It has the capability to sense micro movements, defined as a heartbeat, motion and respiration of occupants across three full seating rows, the cargo area and footwells. It also classifies all occupants according to size, posture and position – supporting advanced safety applications. Continue reading

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Amazon and Stellantis to Connect Vehicles to Digital Services

The STLA SmartCockpit platform will use Amazon products that are purpose-built for vehicles, it’s claimed. Stellantis will produce custom, brand and vehicle-specific capabilities. The software will offer services through an app store displayed through an “adaptive user interface design that presents timely, relevant information and features suited to each occupant’s individual needs and preferences.” In other words, you will be tracked. What happens to your personal information – how it is used, sold or resold or given to government entities – was not disclosed in the announcement. Continue reading

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FIH Mobile, Stellantis JV Begun on Connected Car Technology

Mobile Drive will be equally owned by Stellantis and FIH. The partnership has combined Foxconn’s capabilities in ICT industry and smart solutions, with Stellantis’ expertise in the automotive sector, ensuring the growth of Mobile Drive. Continue reading

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Volkswagen, Carmel, IN to Test Cameras and Machine Vision Software to Speed Traffic. Potential Privacy Threats?

The city will have a dashboard that gathers data from various locations and highlights key learnings. The software does not track individuals or individual vehicles; it automatically pixelates faces and license plates. Still, there are privacy concerns here. The software also does not store images, but only the counting data it generates, as a further form of privacy protection. Still, there are privacy concerns here as there is no assurance that tracking could be enabled. Continue reading

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Ford Picks Google over Apple for Connected Vehicle Offerings

This raises yet again privacy concerns and who owns and can sell your personal information.  The Pew Research Center notes that a digitally networked society runs on, well, quid pro quos. In this non-impeachable case, people exchange details about themselves and their activities for services and products on the web or apps. Continue reading

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One-Millionth Subscriber Joins Subaru Connected Services

Subscription-based services are part of Subaru’s In-Vehicle Technology program that with variations is increasingly offered by other automakers in hopes of generating revenue. The  Subaru system claims to provide multimedia content, smartphone connectivity, navigation, extra safety, and everyday convenience. Looming as these systems increase are privacy and security concerns as well as the re-selling of customer data, which critics argue the customer owns.
Continue reading

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Telematics – New Ford and Lincoln Vehicles Enable Insurance Company Monitoring of Your Driving Behaviors

This is part of a sweeping change in the pricing of auto insurance. It also raises yet again  larger privacy issues for the owners of connected vehicles along with intelligent phones and appliances. A vast amount of owner information is now available to companies – from Google and social media apps or computers running on Microsoft Dos or Apple computers and iPhones – for resale or for their own cash flows, sometimes without owner’s consent or any usage fees given back to the creators of the data. In Ford’s case, customers have a choice. Continue reading

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Toyota and Amazon Web Services Working on Connected Cars, Ridesharing, Driving Behavior-Based Insurance…

It’s the latest example of  an emerging trend among automakers to offer owners and lessees thus far unclear advantages of processing and analyzing data from vehicle use from Toyota’s growing worldwide fleet of connected vehicles. Nowhere in the announcement was an acknowledgement that the use of such customer data raises vast unaddressed privacy, security and law enforcement concerns. Continue reading

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