Breathing? Toyota Connected Cabin Awareness Uses 4D Radar

Ken Zino of on Breathing? Toyota Connected Cabin Awareness Uses 4D Radar

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Toyota Connected North America* today introduced its Cabin Awareness concept technology that uses millimeter-wave, high-resolution 4D imaging radar to help detect occupants (including some pets) in cars and has the potential to detect them if they are left behind. The 4D imaging radar sensor, mounted out of sight above a vehicle’s headliner that can detect presence of a life form in the vehicle, even after a driver exits.

It has the capability to sense micro movements, defined as a heartbeat, motion and respiration of occupants across three full seating rows, the cargo area and footwells. It also classifies all occupants according to size, posture and position – supporting advanced safety applications.

“The platform provides robust sensing even if the occupant is covered with a blanket, a scenario which a passerby would be unable to see the occupant. It differs from other technologies on the market such as weight sensors, which can be prone to false alerts and mis-detects, cameras limited by blind spots or other radar systems with a limited range of passenger detection,” Toyota claimed.

“Toyota Connected’s talented software engineers and data scientists are leveraging cutting-edge technology to bring innovation and advanced technologies to customers’ vehicles,” said Zack Hicks, CEO and president, TCNA and executive vice president and chief digital officer, TMNA.

*TCNA bills itself as an independent software and “innovation center”

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