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Volvo Cars Shows Concept Recharge EV

By using sustainable materials inside the car, equipping it with tires from recycled and renewable material, improving aerodynamics Volvo Cars can take steps to reduce its carbon impact through the car itself. Combining those with the use of clean energy throughout a de-carbonized supply chain, manufacturing process and use phase of the car, Volvo Cars believes it can reduce a car’s lifecycle CO2 impact by 80% versus a 2018 Volvo XC60, without losing the qualities that Volvo cars have become known for. This would mean that the Concept Recharge would have an overall lifecycle CO2 impact below 10 tons, when charged with 100% renewable energy – if, big if, Volvo is able to pull this off in a global economy that is self-destructing from the use of subsidized fossil fuels and little progress on addressing Global Warming. Continue reading

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Personalization – Bronco Riptide Project Vehicle Shown

It is part of Ford’s newly launched outdoor brand “Built Wild” with only-4×4 vehicles. Marketing Babble Alert> The 2021 Bronco Riptide custom build is designed with “West Coast fun and factory-backed accessory personalization in mind.” Continue reading

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Nouveaux Chic? Renault Trafic Hippie Caviar Hotel

Whatever. The van’s dimensions make it easy to park. As to the claims that a camper-van after repeated lockdowns can fill the urge to escape without accommodation constraints with the application of the sanitary restrictions related to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, which leads to a “stress-free life” – well maybe designers were smoking something. Consider: “Hippie Caviar Hotel is our take on the nomadic hotel concept, based on connected services.” Sounds reasonable so far, but… Continue reading

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EU – Rideable Bench Wins Ford Fund Smart Mobility Challenge

“TOD” is designed as an adaptable system with static and mobile modes.  Static it is a bench that can be extended to accommodate three people. Accessories such as chairs and corners can easily by added using a plug-in style kit system, while a flat square can be connected to two benches to form a picnic table. Continue reading

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Toyota Research Inst. Claims Advances in Home Use Robotics

As TRI shows in a new video, this system allows robots to make generalizations in a range of scenarios, including in different homes. The somewhat humorous video (comments welcomed here by the non-androids of AutoInformed), released on National Selfie Day, shows these new capabilities on film, as the un-named robot is seen recording itself as it performs these new skills around a house. It is less cranky, humoours and personable than R2-D2, a tough act to follow for anyone competing in the Artoo-Detoo defined field. After all, it was developed by engineers, not Hollywood – Where is George Lucas when you need him? Continue reading

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Toyota Agile Space – Motorized Store or Mobility Company?

Toyota Motor North America R&D has selected digital brand Cuyana as its first tenant. About the only thing AutoInformed sees in common with its vehicle business is that leasing could be involved for customers. Continue reading

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Out of this World! Secret Lockheed Martin, GM EV Revealed

“This alliance brings together powerhouse innovation from both companies to make a transformative class of vehicles,” said Rick Ambrose, executive vice president, Lockheed Martin Space. Continue reading

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JR East, Hitachi, Toyota to Develop Fuel Cell Railway Vehicles

The development of innovative rolling stock powered by hydrogen in theory will contribute to the development of a low-carbon society as it helps to curb global warming and diversify energy sources. Hydrogen ensures minimal environmental impact because it does not emit any carbon dioxide when used as an energy source. It can be produced from various raw materials using renewable energy. Continue reading

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