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GM Plant Workers Face Threats After Voting Out Corrupt Union

On 17 and 18 August, workers at the General Motors (GM) plant in Silao, Mexico, voted against the current collective bargaining agreement, which since 2008 has been controlled by Tereso Medina, general secretary of the Miguel Trujillo López union, affiliated the Confederation of Mexican Workers (CTM). A total of 6,480 workers cast their ballot. There were 2,623 votes in favor of the agreement, 3,214 against, and 39 spoiled ballots. As a result, the current collective agreement is in the process of being scrapped. Workers will not lose any of their rights, and their benefits and working conditions will remain the same until new representatives are elected. Continue reading

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Ford India Stops Manufacturing Vehicles For Sale

India will remain Ford’s second-largest salaried workforce globally. In addition to Ford Business Solutions, Ford India will continue engine manufacturing for export, as well as full customer support operations with service, aftermarket parts and warranty support. Continue reading

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Labor Day – Majorities of Americans Say Unions Good

As of July, 55% of U.S. adults say labor unions have a positive effect in the U.S., unchanged from August 2019, the last time the Center asked this question. While the overall figure has remained the same, Democrats have become more likely – and Republicans less likely – to say unions have a positive effect. Continue reading

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GM Workers in Mexico Reject Corrupt Union to Form New One

Workers at General Motors plant in Silao, Mexico, have formed a new union – the national union of automotive workers, SINTTIA. The union seeks to represent GM workers and negotiate a new collective employment agreement. In a crucial vote on … Continue reading

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Porsche Expanding R&D in China

“Having a permanent home for this work in China will bring obvious benefits, particularly when it comes to reflecting and predicting our customer’s needs in China, a nation that has truly welcomed Porsche and has taken our cars to heart to the extent that it’s been our biggest sales market,” said Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board at Porsche. Continue reading

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IndustriALL – Organizing the Growing Battery Supply Chain

With widespread workers rights’ violations and low union participation, IndustriALL, a global union umbrella organization, has been warily looking at the increase in battery demand during the next ten years. No surprise that IndustriALL and affiliates have started developing a strategy for workers along the supply chain. The question is can they make positive changes for the people who often do the work in a world were the non-tax paying rich rig the political, legal and social systems against them? Continue reading

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VW Group’s Supervisory Board Extends Chairman Herbert Diess’ Contract. Other Employees Face an Uncertain Future

This is just a German employment euphemism for stating the obvious – the old Works Council and Management dance supporting rigid categories of traditional jobs with guarantees of employment in old-style manufacturing, engineering and support areas will have to keep time to a different electronically generated score. Continue reading

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Boss-Napping at Renault’s Fonderie de Bretagne Ends

AutoInformed first became aware of the union action late yesterday when Renault issued an unusual statement on its website: “Renault Group strongly condemns these actions and calls for the lifting of the blockade and an immediate return to calm. Renault Group recalls that the search for a buyer is currently underway in order to maintain the site’s activities and ensure the continuity of jobs. This process must continue with dialogue and calm.” Continue reading

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