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NLRB Announces Union Loss in Amazon Election

In a clear setback for unions, and what critics say are inhuman working conditions, challenges are not sufficient in number to affect the results of the election. Continue reading

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Brazil to Nationalize Ford Motor Plants?

Ford workers are looking for ways to protect their jobs and have agreed to begin talks with the US carmaker’s global management team today. They are also looking into the possibility of introducing a bill to nationalize Ford’s operations in Brazil. Continue reading

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GM to Make CAMI a Commercial Electric Vehicle Plant

This investment and Canadian workforce will make CAMI into Canada’s first large-scale auto plant converted to produce electric delivery vehicles. GM says work begins immediately to transform the CAMI over the next two years from Chevrolet Equinox production to the production of EV600s, to serve the growing North American market for electric delivery solutions. Continue reading

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Union Strike Saves Rolls-Royce Jobs in Barnoldswick

The hamlet of Barnoldswick, home to11,000 people, rallied in defense of their community. The Rolls-Royce factory, in operation since 1943, is the birthplace of the jet engine and the main employer there. The shuttering would have had devastating consequences for the prosperity of the local community. Continue reading

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US Cuts Deal with UAW Union on Reform, Corruption and Fraud

In a partial UAW victory, the civil lawsuit was not filed pursuant to the federal anti-racketeering RICO law because the investigation by the United States did not uncover any involvement by organized crime or the mafia in the operations of the UAW. Instead, the civil complaint sets forth in detail a series of corrupt and fraudulent acts by former officers and board members of the UAW, as well as executives of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. GM’s RICO lawsuit against FCA is ongoing. Continue reading

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Mazda to Buy Out Sumitomo from MMVO, a JV Plant in Mexico

Given the ongoing effects of soon-to-be ex-president Trump’s losing trade wars with Canada, Mexico, China and Japan, among other nations, and the uncertainty around provisions of a new trade agreement now called USMCA (United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement), Mazda remains at risk on multiple fronts. The new Agreement went into effect, with no apparent enforcement, started on July 1, 2020. The U.S. Congress has still not ratified it. Continue reading

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Safran Won’t Deal with Black Women in Mississippi

Workers United has bargained with Safran since September for a new agreement. Negotiations broke down when the employer refused to accept pay increases for the coming three years and insisted that they would be able to use any criteria to lay-off or recall workers. Safran already has the right to lay-off and recall employees in tiers of most efficient workers and least efficient workers. Continue reading

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Multinationals Liable For Supply Chains? Swiss Vote Due

“For too long, multinational corporations have been able to hide their abuses behind a veneer of respectability, using plausible deniability whenever bad behavior is highlighted. The Responsible Business Initiative is part of a global movement by unions and civil society organizations to hold companies responsible for their behavior,” said IndustriALL general secretary Valter Sanches. Continue reading

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Covid Causalities: US Trade Deficit Continues to Increase

Particularly worrisome for the Covid -Sick US economy were goods deficits with countries that effectively addressed the Covid-19 crisis with strong central government responses: In billions of dollars, with China ($26.4), European Union ($15.7), Mexico ($12.5), Germany ($4.6), Japan ($4.3), Italy ($2.6), France ($2.2), South Korea ($2.2), and Canada ($1.2). Continue reading

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Education, Hospitals, Police – Comprise the Largest State and Local Government Employment Groups

Full-time state and local government payroll increased 3.4% to $79 billion, and part-time employees’ payroll totaled $6.8 billion. Continue reading

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Unifor Opens Contract Talks with Detroit Three in Canada

In a refreshing departure from the Trump Administration’s lack of plans for dealing with the pandemic, Unifor said, “Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, strict safety protocols will be in place for the duration of the negotiations to ensure compliance with Ontario health directives.” Continue reading

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Nissan to Keep Production and Employment in Spain

The agreement is the result of gritty union actions. After starting indefinite strike on 4 May, unions mobilized a nationwide protest movement against the factory closures. A convoy of Nissan workers traveled across the country to build support for the struggle, and demonstrations were held at Nissan dealerships. Continue reading

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Uber to Acquire Postmates, Cornershop Closing in Days

Postmates has been an early pioneer of “delivery-as-a-service,” which complements Uber’s growing survival efforts in the delivery of groceries, essentials, and other goods. Continue reading

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Unions Protest Nissan Closure of Catalan Factories

The unions claim that in Europe there is a firm commitment to a New Green Deal, with a direct injection of one hundred billion euros and a private contribution of 250,000 million more. An important part will go to sustainable mobility. They feel that Nissan is missing an opportunity to get support for a shift towards electric vehicles, smart driving, and shared mobility. Continue reading

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Renault, Nissan Motor, Mitsubishi Slice, Dice World by Brand

The member companies plan to build on existing Alliance “benefits” in areas such as joint purchasing by using their respective positions and geographic strengths to support their partners’ business development. The three companies of the Alliance will cover all vehicle segments and technologies globally, while increasing their respective competitiveness. By implementing the plan, Nissan aims to achieve a 5% operating profit margin and a sustainable global market share of 6% by the end of fiscal year 2023, including proportionate contributions from its 50% equity joint venture in China. Continue reading

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