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Western Europe – BEVs Gaining Share. Diesel Threatened.

“Further decline is inevitable though and may be accelerated by steep price increases at the diesel pump. Gasoline prices have risen a little less, which heightens the attractiveness of that fuel type over diesel while BEV looks increasingly alluring from a fuel price standpoint as liquid road fuels continue at near-record price levels across the region,” noted LMC. Continue reading

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UK Plans to Up EV Chargers to 300K by 2030.

 “Ambitious and innovative chargepoint operators are already committed to installing an additional 15,000 rapid chargepoints across England’s entire road network, a quadrupling of the current offer,  and over 100,000 on-street chargepoints by 2025,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson said. Continue reading

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Electrify America Redesigns its Charging Stations

Basically, it is adding things such as solar canopies and awnings, customer waiting areas and other customer-focused services at some locations. The company plans to showcase this transition with installation in 2022 and 2023 in select new flagship charging facilities in Santa Barbara, San Francisco, San Diego and Beverly Hills, California and in New York within Manhattan and Brooklyn. Currently the company has flagship charging stations located in Baker, California and Santa Clara, California. Continue reading

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PG&E and GM to Test EVs as Power Source when Grid Fails

EVs, of course, play a critical role in achieving California’s goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and already provide customers with many benefits. Bidirectional charging capabilities add even further value by improving electric resiliency and reliability. PG&E, of course, is beleaguered by civil and criminal lawsuits for its corporate actions and neglect that, among other things, ignited the deadly 2018 Camp Fire. In 2020, PG&E pled guilty to 84 felony counts of involuntary manslaughter, the largest homicide ever legally attributed to a United States corporation. Continue reading

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Power Plants Continue to Befoul Our Air During 2021

Emissions in 2021 were higher than 2020, EPA said because of  a rebound in coal-fired generation as natural gas prices and energy demand increased. Worse emissions increased at rates much higher than the demand for electricity. Continue reading

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Ford Pro Using Lightning EVs in Pilot Farming Study

Winegrowers rely daily on their trucks to haul fertilizer and fuel tanks, water and portable bathrooms. Some vehicles log upward of 50,000 miles a year, traveling between properties from Cloverdale to Petaluma. Operating these vehicles and maintaining them, are among an organization’s largest expenses. At Dutton Ranch, which runs a fleet of ~70 work vehicles, fuel costs average $5,000 per month. The prospect of reducing that monthly expense is critical to operations moving forward. Electric vehicles, coupled with the solar power that many Sonoma County ranches already generate and store, represent another way to help offset rising fuel costs. Large Ford pickup trucks and SUVs of course consume enormous amounts of fossil fuels each day. Continue reading

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GM Plans to Expand Fuel Cell Sales Beyond Vehicles

These planned fuel-cell generators could eventually replace gas- and diesel-burning generators with fewer emissions at worksites, buildings, movie sets, data centers, outdoor concerts and festivals. They could also back up or temporarily replace grid-sourced electricity for residential and small commercial enterprises at times of power disruption. Continue reading

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Biden Proposes New Clean Energy Policies and Actions on Offshore Winds, Public Lands, Transmission Lines

Build Back Better will, no doubt, continue to be opposed by the Republican party comprised of nope-dopes heavily financed by fossil-fuel and related businesses. Continue reading

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