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California Clean Fuel Incentives Reward 250,000 EV Buyers

CARB and car dealers wanted a program to help support the sale of plug-in cars that involved making funds immediately available at the dealership, as opposed to other incentive programs that required applications and a waiting period to receive them. Continue reading

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California Greenhouse Gases – Emissions Drop Continues

“This inventory is good news, but much larger reductions are needed to reach the ambitious 2030 target — an additional 40% reduction below the original 2020 limit,” said CARB Chair Liane M. Randolph. “We are now once again witnessing massive wildfires and recurring heat waves while large parts of our state are suffering from extreme drought. This is a clear call to redouble our efforts to protect those communities already hard hit by pollution and climate change, and to move with all possible speed to achieve carbon neutrality by mid-century as quickly as possible.” Continue reading

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CARB Settles AltAir Paramount Abuses of Low Carbon Fuel

The LCFS requires quarterly and annual reports to be submitted completely and accurately. CARB alleged that AltAir for the 2017 Reporting Period, and sold, supplied, offered for sale, and transported fuel into the State of California, but failed to report and submitted a report containing inaccuracies, misreported, or entered false quarterly and annual report information, which led to a failure to eliminate annual deficits. These are violations of the LCFS regulation. Continue reading

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CARB – Cleaner Fuels Replace 3 Billion Gallons of Dirty Diesel

“Renewable and bio-diesel, renewable natural gas, ethanol, and electricity are all seeing growth under the LCFS,” said CARB Executive officer Richard W. Corey. “These are key reasons why other states and nations are establishing similar programs.” Continue reading

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