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California Clean Fuel Incentives Reward 250,000 EV Buyers

CARB and car dealers wanted a program to help support the sale of plug-in cars that involved making funds immediately available at the dealership, as opposed to other incentive programs that required applications and a waiting period to receive them. Continue reading

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CARB Fines PPG for Products Exceeding Air Quality Rules

“CARB is committed to enforcing consumer product rules to improve the air we all breathe and to help California meet federal ozone standards that protect public health,” CARB head of enforcement Todd Sax said. “Manufacturers such as PPG carry the greatest responsibility of supplying Californians with consumer products that comply with emissions standards. Their attention to the legal requirements related to the manufacture, importation and distribution of products significantly impacts California’s air quality.” Continue reading

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Clean Truck, Bus CALSTART Incentives Available at CARB

CALSTART is a national non-profit association with offices in New York, Michigan, Colorado and California and partners worldwide. CALSTART works with more than 280 company and agencies to “build a prosperous, efficient and clean high-tech transportation industry. We knock down barriers to modernization and the adoption of clean vehicles.” Continue reading

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CARB Tightens Diesel Emissions Regs for Commercial Harbor Craft. First Emissions Requirements For Some Boats

The amendments affect all categories of commercial harbor craft and establish the first emission standard requirements for commercial passenger fishing vessels, pilot vessels, tank barges over 400 feet, work boats and research vessels. Continue reading

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CARB – New Diesel Regs Cost Effective, Lobbyists Wrong

A key part of the report AutoInformed thinks is when CARB staff compared 2022 model year warranty cost estimates made by CARB and manufacturers that reflect the intermediate impact of lengthening warranty periods. The report finds that, on a “per miles covered” basis, the industry data essentially agrees with CARB’s lower estimates for current model year vehicles. Continue reading

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CARB to Require Zero Emissions Off-Road Engines by 2024

The new requirement, an amendment to CARB’s existing small off-road engine regulations first adopted in 1990, applies to manufacturers and will impact new equipment (Model Year 2024 and later) only. Californians can continue to operate their current CARB-compliant gasoline-powered SORE equipment; there will be no “ban” on using older models or used equipment purchased in the future. Older models on store shelves can also be purchased even if they are gasoline-powered. Continue reading

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Death of the Diesel – CARB Approves Truck, Bus Smog Checks

These heavy-duty vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) greater than 14,000 pounds consist of only 3% of all vehicles on California roads. However, they are responsible for more than 50% of nitrogen oxides and fine particle diesel pollution from all mobile sources in the state. Continue reading

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CARB Fines Honda Motor for Small Engine Emissions

Small off-road engines are a major source of pollution in California. In California during 2021, these small engines surpassed light-duty passenger cars as a source of smog-forming emissions. This includes the emissions of raw fuel that continue to evaporate from these engines, lawn mowers and other equipment even when they are powered off. CARB will consider a regulation on 9 December 2021 to transition small off-road engines to zero-emission technologies, aka electric. This will help California “meet its required federal clean air standards, clean the air and significantly reduce harmful emissions for those who work all day with these small off-road engines.” Continue reading

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