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Kawasaki to Pay $160K for Small Engine Violations

This is the first time that a manufacturer has been cited for failing to comply with the regulation specifically as it relates to replacement engines since its adoption in 1990. The so-called Small Off-Road Engine (aka SORE, with irony?) Regulation requires that all small off-road engines sold in California be covered by an Executive Order certifying that the engine meets and was tested to the required exhaust emission standards. Continue reading

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Only 34% of Jobs in US Can Be Done Remotely

Jonathan Dingel and Brent Neiman conclude that identifying which jobs cannot be performed from home could help to target social insurance payments to those who need them the most. Continue reading

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Czinger Unveils 21C in London

Named because it’s designed, built and manufactured for the 21st century, the new 21C hypercar uses Czinger’s technology to engineer each component’s design, performance and weight. Continue reading

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FAA Helping Airlines on COVID-19 Cancellations

The FAA is waiving the 80% use requirement through 31 May 2020 for U.S. and foreign airlines that have affected flights. In doing so, the FAA “expects that U.S. carriers will be accommodated with reciprocal relief by foreign authorities at airports in their countries and may determine not to grant a waiver to a foreign carrier whose home jurisdiction does not reciprocate.” Continue reading

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COVID-19 Chaos as LMC Automotive Cuts Global Light Vehicle Sales Forecast by 3.7 Million Units

Whether you believe there is a public overreaction or that COVID-19 is actually a public health crisis headed for pandemic status, there is no denying the expected negative impact it will have on the economy and auto industry. Continue reading

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COVID-19: 2020 New York International Auto Show Delayed

As AutoInformed said then, “The show’s fate of course will be determined by public health departments at the city, state and federal levels. At the moment there is no known vaccine for preventive or ameliorative use against COVID-19.” This still applies despite of the denials and obfuscation of the  central government.  Continue reading

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Online Car Buying Trends

“We’ve amassed a wealth of data from the 177,549 cars we sold online in 2019, providing valuable insights for our industry-first report of online car buying,” said Ernie Garcia, Carvana founder and CEO. Continue reading

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Sulfur Fumes Cause Mercedes ABS and ESP Safety Recall?

The electrical contact of a resistor might be impaired due to sulfur fumes originating from the axle oil. Due to a development “deviation” at the supplier Tollo Linear  of Sweden, a batch of electrical resistors don’t meet the requirements for chemical resistance. Continue reading

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