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Europe’s Diesel Addiction Continues Starting with Germany

This was “in a depressed market that is suffering not only from supply issues, but perhaps starting to feel the beginnings of a consumer slowdown, although that is thought to be a relatively minor part of the problem as the order backlog remains significant,” the respected LMC Automotive* consultancy said today. Continue reading

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Jeep Slowly Killing Diesel and Petrol Engines in France

“The electrification of our ranges is no longer an option, it is obvious dictated jointly by supply and demand,” said Guillaume de Boudemange, director of Jeep in France. Continue reading

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CARB Tightens Diesel Emissions Regs for Commercial Harbor Craft. First Emissions Requirements For Some Boats

The amendments affect all categories of commercial harbor craft and establish the first emission standard requirements for commercial passenger fishing vessels, pilot vessels, tank barges over 400 feet, work boats and research vessels. Continue reading

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VW to Drop Fossil Fuels, Spend $7.1B on Products, R&D and Manufacturing in Canada, Mexico and US

Keogh claimed a commitment to software and “digital solutions” for American consumers, developed directly in the United States. As part of that, Volkswagen plans to bring over-the-air (OTA) updates and new software features, such as plug and charge, for the ID.4 this year. Volkswagen is also working with CARIAD SE, Volkswagen Group’s software entity, to supporting the formation of its North American subsidiary in 2022, with software units in Seattle, WA, and California’s Bay Area. Continue reading

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EPA – More Funding for DERA Tribal and Insular Area Grants

The DERA program is prioritizing projects that help achieve the goals of President Biden’s Justice40 initiative, which aims to ensure that federal agencies deliver at least 40% of benefits from certain investments to underserved communities. Older diesel engines emit much more air pollutants such as nitrogen oxides and particulate matter than newer diesel engines. EPA correctly notes that these pollutants are linked to a range of serious health problems including asthma, lung and heart disease, other respiratory ailments, and premature death. Continue reading

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EPA Grants $17M for EV School Buses to Cut Diesel Emissions  

The two rebate awards of ~$17 million in combined funding for schools and bus fleet owners to replace older, high-polluting diesel school buses. Replacing these buses will improve air quality in and around schools and communities, reduce greenhouse gas pollution, and help improve children’s health. Since 2012, EPA’s school bus rebates have awarded, or are in the process of awarding, more than $73 million to replace more than 3,000 old diesel school buses. Continue reading

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Whither Diesel? – Viable Fuel or Blah, Blah, Blah…

At first this seems more blah, blah, blah around doing something about Global Warming and extreme, deadly weather caused by burning fossil fuels. However, both had reasoned observations backed by data for what turned out to be a rarity in our poisoned political climate of resentments and wanton constitutional destruction that is burning far hotter – way beyond any inferno caused by CO2. Continue reading

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CARB – New Diesel Regs Cost Effective, Lobbyists Wrong

A key part of the report AutoInformed thinks is when CARB staff compared 2022 model year warranty cost estimates made by CARB and manufacturers that reflect the intermediate impact of lengthening warranty periods. The report finds that, on a “per miles covered” basis, the industry data essentially agrees with CARB’s lower estimates for current model year vehicles. Continue reading

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