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Renault Group, Plug Power to be at HyVolution Tradeshow

HYVIA is preparing a portfolio of three hydrogen powered light commercial vehicles: a van, a chassis cab and a city bus, with a range of up to 500 km, as well as a complete ecosystem of H2 stations, H2 production and associated services. The first vehicles are expected to be on the road from mid-2022. With a payload of up to 1000 kg, Master Chassis Cab H2-TECH is equipped with a 30-kW fuel cell, a 33-kWh battery and tanks containing 3 kg of hydrogen (2 tanks of 1.5 kg) at 700 bars. Continue reading

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BMW Group – Hydrogen is Key Technology for Future

“Our solution to the challenges of environmental policy is technological innovation. Technology is where the key to the future lies – and it’s our constructive response for climate protection,” said Hans-Peter Kemser, Director of BMW Group Plant Leipzig. Leipzig aims not only to be carbon-neutral but also to operate carbon-free production. “Our vision is to fully de-carbonize production by replacing fossil fuels with future fuels in the shape of green hydrogen,” he added. Continue reading

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JR East, Hitachi, Toyota to Develop Fuel Cell Railway Vehicles

The development of innovative rolling stock powered by hydrogen in theory will contribute to the development of a low-carbon society as it helps to curb global warming and diversify energy sources. Hydrogen ensures minimal environmental impact because it does not emit any carbon dioxide when used as an energy source. It can be produced from various raw materials using renewable energy. Continue reading

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CARB Increases Low-Carbon Fuel Use Regulations

Amendments include the most stringent carbon intensity requirement, additional incentives for zero emission vehicles, and a protocol for carbon capture & sequestration. Today’s public hearing was the second hearing on these amendments, which take effect on January 1, 2019. Continue reading

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Fuel Cell Pricing Wars – 2017 Hyundai Tucson, Toyota Mirai

Fueling infrastructure – the lack thereof – is the giant problem with hydrogen fuels and assorted technologies. Continue reading

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Japan Inc. – Toyota, Nissan, and Honda Jointly Support and will Subsidize Hydrogen Stations

Specific measures to be undertaken by the Big Three Japanese manufacturers were not announced, but this appears to an attempt by the automakers to prod the Japanese government into faster action on build hydrogen refueling stations. Continue reading

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Tucson Fuel Cell EV $499 Month Next Spring

The move – part image enhancing green marketing and part technology preview – will put pressure on other automakers to respond. Honda and Toyota have announced plans to sell a limited number of fuel cell sedans in the Los Angeles area by 2015, dependent on a government project to build an expensive hydrogen-refueling network. Continue reading

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Germany to Add 35 New Hydrogen Fueling Stations

Automakers are currently lobbying in the U.S. for tax breaks and other taxpayer incentives for fuel cell cars to bring down their astronomical – as in $pace technology – costs. Hyundai thinks it can develop a fuel cell business if it can get the costs down to ~$50,000 a vehicle. Continue reading

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