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Digital Media Decimating Print Publishing Revenues

The explosive growth of digital media and technology continues to have a ruinous impact on print publishing industry revenues, the US Census Bureau said today. Continue reading

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Stellantis Gets Lithium Supply for NA EVs

CTR’s Hell’s Kitchen Project in California’s Imperial County will recover lithium from geothermal brines using renewable energy and steam to produce battery grade lithium products in a closed-loop process, eliminating the need for evaporation brine ponds, open pit mines, and fossil-fueled processing, Stellantis claimed. Continue reading

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US EV Purchase Consideration Up. Income Matters

However, “The addition of new EV models has moved the needle on consumer consideration,” said Stewart Stropp, senior director of automotive retail at J.D. Power. “In fact, several new models from perennial mass market brands are at the top of that consideration list. Even so, more remains to be done in terms of transitioning from early to mass adoption. Though the study findings show a shift in favor of EVs, about 76% of new-vehicle shoppers say they are not ‘very likely’ to consider buying one.” Continue reading

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Ford Motor US Sales Drop Again in May. Shakeout Coming?

Ford Motor no longer bothers to hold press conferences covering monthly sales. Yesterday Jim Farley, President and Chief Executive Officer when asked at the Alliance Bernstein Strategic Decisions Conference about Tesla and five other EV companies with a market cap above $20 billion – meaning the market is saying there’re at least six credible new entrants – said, “We’re going to see very large consolidation and big changes. I would say new EV companies probably will get simpler and Chinese will become more important… Continue reading

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Supply Chain Disruptions – Government Solutions Working?

Retired General Lyons will take over the role from John D. Porcari. General Lyons will work with the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT), the White House National Economic Council (NEC), ports, rail, trucking and other private companies across our US supply chains to continue to address bottlenecks, speed up the movement of goods, and help lower costs for people. Continue reading

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Pure EV Sales at All-Time Record in US

Pure EV Sales at All-Time Record in US, whose transaction prices are close to a $70,000 making them a new category – Luxury Clean – in AutoInformed’s view. Republicans, with a history of backing from Big Oil, continue to block the Biden Administration’s Build Back Better bill that addresses drastic climate change and prepares the way for a cleaner future. Continue reading

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Ford Joins 50 First Mover Coalition Companies

Ford is committing that at least 10% of its primary aluminum* purchases will have near-zero carbon emissions by 2030, a small step in the right direction of addressing planet- and people- killing global warming. Continue reading

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Mercedes-Benz to Increase Focus as a Luxury Car Company

Mercedes-Benz will change its product portfolio, allocating more than 75% of its investments to develop products for the most profitable market segments. As part of this strategy designed to please the capital markets, Mercedes-Benz aims to increase sales share of its Top-End vehicles by around 60% by 2026 compared to 2019. Like many auto companies it intends to achieve “higher quality growth and a further significant increase in profitability and resilience, striving for an operating margin target of approximately 14% by mid of the decade in favorable market conditions.” Continue reading

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