Mitsubishi Starts Office-Free Work-From-Home Policy

Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. (MMNA) has announced a new work-from-home policy that affords flexibility to employees whose jobs can be performed from home, with no required minimum number of days in the office, a benefit more common among cutting-edge technology companies than automotive brands.

This appears to be an automaker first, or at least one from a company of some size. With headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee, and corporate operations in California, Georgia, Michigan, New Jersey, Texas, Florida and Virginia, MMNA directly and indirectly employs more than 8,000 people across the United States. ( on: COVID-19: Fiat Chrysler Starts Work from Home, Distances Workers, Prepares for Possible Temporary Factory Shut Downs; COVID-19: Globally – Ford Motor Employees to Work Remotely)

“Our new work from home policy comes down to one thing: tremendous trust in our employee team,” said recently appointed MMNA CEO Mark Chaffin. “Over the last two years, our employees have risen to the challenges of a global pandemic and historic supply chain disruptions, and they’ve propelled the brand to record-breaking sales success. They’ve demonstrated they can do it all, while working from their home and company offices. That commitment should be rewarded with confidence and flexibility, and today, that’s what we’re doing.”

In mid-2019, MMNA relocated its operations from Cypress, Calif. to Franklin, Tenn., just outside of Nashville, in a move to reinvent every aspect of the brand. In April 2020, its new-from-the-ground-up North American headquarters opened, with open-and-airy, sunlit workspaces. In spite of the pandemic, MMNA hired more than 150 new team members, and the office remained open for those who wished to come in, providing they followed strict COVID protocols.

“Although this new policy will allow employees to choose to continue working from home, MMNA will continue its commitment to investing, volunteering and hiring locally in the communities where its offices are located,” the company said.

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