Auto Rag Trade – Hyundai Re:Style 2023 Haute Couture

Ken Zino of on Auto Rag Trade – Hyundai Re:Style 2023 Haute Couture

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Hyundai Motor Company in South Korea today announced ‘Re:Style 2023’* with designer Jeremy Scott.  ‘Re:Style,’ claims to be an eco-friendly upcycled fashion platform with internationally known designers “to transform automotive waste into fashion items.” This year’s collection is an haute couture collection by Jeremy Scott made with discarded materials from Hyundai Motor’s electric vehicles, together with the deadstock fabrics. New materials derived from parts such as wheels, seat belts, tail lights and wipers are also part of the collection.

Hyundai Re:Style Exhibition’ will be presented at AP Again in Seongsu-dong for three weeks starting 23 March, following a private gala preview event later tonight. As the first ‘Re:Style’ exhibition to be held in Korea, the opening is also in line with the global launch of the all-new KONA Electric.

Ken Zino of on Auto Rag Trade – Hyundai Re:Style 2023 Haute Couture

Not exactly a Paris runway – but dem’s the drapes….

“Also on display will be the ‘Re:Style Archive Exhibition,’ which is being showcased in collaboration with Re:Style ambassador and model Lauren Wasser, who overcame her physical limitations after double leg amputation caused by toxic shock syndrome. Nicknamed ‘Girl with the Golden Legs,’ Wasser has walked in shows at New York Fashion Week and appeared on a number of campaigns for global fashion brands. With her own story, Wasser will represent the past three years of Re:Style archival collection and show the journey of Re:Style under the theme of diversity and innovation,” Hyundai said.

*‘Re:Style’ debuted in 2019 in New York with Maria Cornejo, who created clothing from waste car seat fabric. In 2020, the project served as a platform for a collaboration with six designers at London store Selfridges. Most recently, in 2021, the company partnered with L’Eclaireur in Paris and Boontheshop in Seoul.

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