Bosch Simplifies Electric Vehicle Charging Cables

Ken Zino of Auto on Bosch Smart Charging cable

The Bosch cable comes with adapters for Type 2 and household plugs.

Bosch says its new smart charging cable has integrated control and safety technology without the usual “charging brick” – slang for the in-cable control box – when charging at a 230-volt power socket. The flexible smart charging cable weighs less than three kilograms. This Bosch estimates is ~40 % less than conventional charging cables with a control box.

The three-phase cable enables so-called mode 2 and mode 3 AC charging at up to 22 kilowatts. With the charging cable, there is no need for a wall-box when recharging at home. This is what customers want. In Europe, 84 percent of electric car drivers recharge their vehicle at home in the evening or overnight, claimed Bosch.

Since it comes with adapters for Type 2 and household plugs, drivers can choose whether to recharge from a power socket at home or from a charging station on the road. They no longer need a second cable. In effect, recharging electric cars is now simpler.

“With this universal charging cable, Bosch is making electromobility even more customer-friendly,” says Dr. Uwe Gackstatter, president of the Bosch Powertrain Solutions division. “We want to make the new cable standard equipment for electric vehicles.” Bosch expects to start selling the cable to vehicle manufacturers and drivers in mid-2022.

Bosch has a growing electrical powertrain portfolio – from e-bikes to passenger cars to construction. This portfolio contains items for both battery-electric and fuel-cell powertrains. It also includes recharging services and the battery-in-the-cloud management service to improve battery performance and service life. In addition, Bosch has entered the business of providing factory equipment for battery production.

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