France – HYVIA JV Unveils First Hydrogen Prototype

Ken Zino of on HYVIA unveils its first hydrogen prototypes

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Hyvia today showed a Renault Master Van H2-TECH prototype that it claims enables zero CO2 emissions*, increased range, and fast refueling time. It is a large van for transporting goods and packages, with 12m3 of cargo volume and a range of up to 500km that will be made in France and on sale in 2022 if all goes well.

Next prototypes to come include a Master Chassis Cab H2-TECH,a large van with more cargo space (19m3) and a range of about 250km; Master Citybus H2-TECH, an urban minibus that can carry up to 15 passengers for businesses, municipalities, and local public services, with a range of about 300km.

Master Van H2-TECH is first example of the complete HYVIA ecosystem  – including green hydrogen production and distribution, with a range of fuel cell-powered light commercial vehicles for businesses, large accounts, fleets, and local communities. “Today, hydrogen mobility is particularly meaningful for Light Commercial Vehicles and perfect to extend autonomy for high loads and intensive use,” Hyvia said.

“I am proud to unveil our first hydrogen prototypes. HYVIA, it’s about hydrogen mobility solutions for a tailor-made offer to our customers to meet the challenges of hydrogen mobility. HYVIA will be able to deploy its entire ecosystem in all territories and professional fleets for a carbon-free mobility. HYVIA is moving fast, bringing together the strengths and skills of two leaders: Renault Group & Plug Powe,” said David Holderbach, CEO HYVIA.**

* When driving, neither CO2 nor other regulated air pollutants, in accordance with the WLTP certification.

**About Hyvia

HY” is for hydrogen, “VIA” for road. HYVIA claims “a new way forward for carbon-free mobility, with hydrogen mobility solutions.” Created in June 2021, HYVIA is a joint venture equally owned by Renault Group, a significant part of the automotive industry, and Plug Power, which offers “turnkey hydrogen and fuel cell solutions.” Based in France, for European markets, HYVIA claims to offer a complete and unique ecosystem that includes light commercial vehicles with fuel cells, hydrogen refueling stations, supply of carbon-free hydrogen, services for financing and maintenance of fleets. More at on

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