GM Donates First LSX454R Crate Engine to Charity

Working with a different kind of stroke.

GM Performance Parts (GMPP) will auction the first production LSX454R crate engine at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale event this Friday, with the proceeds going to the American Heart Association. Over the years, GM and the GM Foundation have contributed more than $1 million to the American Heart Association.

The all-new LSX454R crate engine (part number 19257880) is officially rated at 750 plus horsepower and 680 lb.-ft. of torque. It was developed for drag racing, combining many of the specialized LSX parts racers are already using, including the robust LSX Bowtie block.  

GMPP engineers designed the LSX454R for the high-rpm demands of drag racing. It is a high-compression, solid-roller combination that uses new LSX DR cylinder heads (part number 19166979). The 11-degree, six-bolt aluminum heads feature raised ports that provide enormous airflows. Atop the engine are an exclusive, all-new high-rise open-plenum intake manifold and a Holley 1,150-cfm Dominator carburetor.

The charity sale will be carried live on Speed’s coverage of the auction. The engine carries lot number 1032.1 and bids can be submitted at the auction in person or online.

“This sale gives the highest bidder the opportunity to buy the first production version of the most powerful small-block V-8 ever engineered by General Motors,” said Dr. Jamie Meyer, product integration manager for GM Performance Parts.

Before you e-mail me, I know the 454 is a big block. But it’s listed in the GM release as this “LSX Series Gen IV small-block V-8.” I’m trying to clarify…

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