Groupe Renault, Its Works Council and Industrial Global Union Sign Global Quality of Work Life Agreement

“A collaborative management system,” in a changing automotive universe.

Groupe Renault today signed a new global agreement “Building the world of work together within Groupe Renault”. Mr. Thierry Bolloré, Chief Executive Officer of Renault, Mr. Valter Sanches, Secretary General of IndustriALL Global Union, the French trade union federations and the other trade union federations or unions represented within the Group Committee, and Mr. Eric Vidal, Secretary of the Group Committee signed the agreement.

The agreement, signed by the 10 trade union federations or unions represented in the Group Works Council, provides a basis for structuring social dialogue, both at Group and local level. It “encourages the launching of new initiatives, as well as finding relevant pragmatic solutions to improve employees’ life at work, through the negotiation of local agreements.”

This new agreement, through a sustainable approach, addresses many aspects of life at work, and more particularly those that enable employees to combine performance and well-being.

This dynamic, which involves all the Group’s employees, is based on five fundamental levers:

  • A dialogue on the evolution of the world of work.
  • A collaborative management system.
  • A sustainable commitment to inclusion.
  • Work-life balance.
  • Adaptation of the working environment.
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