Nissan Announces Ambitious Global Growth Plan

Ghosn, under scrutiny by the French government said that business expansion will focus on growth markets and further developing the company's Infiniti and light commercial businesses.

Things are going to get better during the next five years for Nissan Motor Company, the Yokohama based automaker announced this morning. In unveiling what is an ambitious six year business plan, Japan’s number two automaker said that it will deliver on average an all-new vehicle every six weeks for six years.  As a result, the company’s global portfolio will have 66 vehicles and will cover 92% of all markets and segments, Nissan claimed.

Nissan had record sales of 4.185 million vehicles and a profit of ¥537.5 billion (~$6.27 billion) for the Japanese fiscal year 2010, ending March 31, 2011. Net revenues were ¥8.7731 trillion, ~$102.4 billion. Nissan’s growth at 19% outpaced the total auto industry expansion, which grew 12.6% – from 64.5 million units in fiscal 2009 to 72.6 million worldwide in fiscal 2010.For the full year, overall global market share stood at 5.8%.

“We will accelerate our growth, bringing more innovation and excitement to our products and services as well as cleaner, more affordable cars for everyone around the world, in line with the energy and environmental challenges of the 21st century,” claimed Nissan President and Chief Executive Officer Carlos Ghosn.

Ghosn is under scrutiny by the French government – a 15% stockholder of Renault, which holds 50% of the Renault Nissan Alliance. The French government was embarrassed by industrial spying scandal that was a hoax, and is concerned about Ghosn moving jobs out of France. Ghosn said that business expansion will focus on growth markets and further developing the company’s Infiniti and light commercial businesses.

The Infiniti luxury brand will grow from its 2010 sales of 150,000 vehicles to 10% of global market share among luxury brand segments, a level today that would represent 500,000 vehicles. Infiniti will be present in more than 70 markets with a product range of at least 10 vehicles.

China is – and will continue to be – Nissan’s largest single global market. Nissan wants a 10% share of the Chinese market. Nissan will also increase its presence in Brazil, Russia and India.

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