OnStar Subscribers Reach 450,000 in China


How do you say lost in Mandarin?

OnStar Shanghai said today that it passed two major milestones in May with its subscriber base across China reaching 450,000, and requests for Turn-by-Turn Navigation totaling 13.8 million since the launch of the telematics service in October 2009. OnStar has 6 million subscribers worldwide.

Shanghai OnStar received certification from China’s State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping in 2011, becoming the first telematics joint venture allowed offering mapping service in China. OnStar provides map searches, location-based services, geographic mapping, and map download and delivery. To ensure the accuracy of navigation, OnStar maps are updated every three months.

It offers two unique options for navigation: ODD (OnStar Destination Download) and POI (Point of Interest). ODD sends navigation routes to vehicles and then guides drivers to their destination via in-vehicle navigation. POI offers information on more than 13 million points of interest, including gas stations, parking lots, restaurants, hospitals and banks, saving subscribers time and energy.

In 2011, Shanghai OnStar was the first telematics company in China to launch a mobile app that integrates Turn-by-Turn Navigation. It allows subscribers to search for destinations and even control vehicle systems remotely through a cell phone. Turn-by-Turn Navigation is automatically loaded when the vehicle’s engine is started.

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