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Mazda, Toyota Building 2022 Corolla Cross in Alabama

Alabama, aside from its history of racism and white supremacy, is a right to work*” (for less?) state, which means workers don’t have to be unionized.** Want to bet the Mazda will be a crossover, with maybe a sub-line for a hybrid and or EV? Toyota is vehemently lobbying against the Biden Administration’s ambitious Build Back Better plan that has a provision for made in American by union workers to be eligible for substantial taxpayer-subsidized EV subsidies. This is part of a forward-thinking strategic plan to create middle-class jobs and benefits from the Administration that was put in place by a majority of voters to rid our democracy of the treasonous former Administration still being led from Trump Castle in Mar-a-Lago (Mar-a-Lardo?) that promoted the January 6 insurrection attempt to take over the US Capital and overturn the Presidential election, aka Big Lie that is the ongoing core (rotten) of the Republican party.
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