2017 Honda Clarity Electric Sedan Debuts

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Range is a limiting factor – 89 miles on a full charge. It’s likely the reason for the closed end lease so the Honda Clarity can be upgraded with a better battery pack and be resold.

Honda today announced the arrival of the 2017 Honda Clarity Electric sedan at a few dealerships in California and Oregon. With an introductory lease price of $269 (plus tax) a month for 36 months, the lease terms include 20,000 miles per year and 24/7 roadside assistance. The lease, which has a federal tax credit built in, requires $1,730 down plus the first month’s lease payment due at signing (not including tax, registration or official fees). In addition, if they apply, California and Oregon customers may qualify for their state’s rebates of $2,500 once they become available. It’s a closed end lease with no purchase option. *

Clarity Electric sedan is powered by a 161-horsepower (120-kilowatt) electric motor rated at 221 lb.-ft. of torque and drawing power from a 25.5-kWh lithium-ion battery pack. The vehicle can be fully charged in just over three hours at 240 volts and when using DC fast charging with the SAE Combined Charging System, it can achieve an 80% charge in just 30 minutes. The Clarity Electric has an EPA fuel economy rating of 126/103/114 MPGe (city/highway/combined) and an EPA range rating of a mere 89 miles on a full charge – a range-limited market no doubt.

The Clarity Electric is part of Honda’s Clarity series, which includes the Clarity Fuel Cell (Clarity Fuel Cell, GM and Honda to Make Fuel Cells in Michigan), launched in December 2016, and the Clarity Plug-in Hybrid, launching nationally later this year. Clarity, claims Honda is the first ever vehicle series offering customers an array of electrified powertrain choices in one well equipped five-passenger sedan. (Fuel Cell Pricing Wars – 2017 Hyundai Tucson, Toyota Mirai)

The Clarity series is part of the so-called Honda Electrification Initiative that sees expansion of the number and types of electrified vehicles in its product lineup. This also includes a new dedicated hybrid car launching next year and the expanded application of Honda’s two-motor hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains to several car and light truck models in the future. This initiative contributes to Honda’s intention to have two-thirds of its global automobile sales come from electrified vehicles by 2030.

 * Subject to availability to California and Oregon residents on approved credit through Honda Financial Services. Closed end lease for 2017 Honda Clarity Electric for well-qualified lessees. Not all applicants will qualify. No purchase option at lease end. Total monthly payments $9,684. Lessee responsible for maintenance, excessive wear/tear, and 20 cents per mile over 20,000 miles per year. Lease includes Roadside Assistance. Total due at lease signing is $1,999 plus tax and registration and includes first month’s payment and capitalized cost reduction of $1,730.

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