A Regional Look at EV Sales


Another lesson in “Green Math” versus arithmetic is being conducted in the rather small EV marketplace with large regional variations.

Our friends from Experian e-mail AutoInformed saying that as automakers and regulators continue to express differing views on EVs, Experian Automotive has EV market insights based on registration data through mid-2018 that can help inform the ongoing dialogue. (Governor Brown, Attorney General Becerra, CARB Chair Nichols to Demand Trump Administration Withdraw Proposal to Eliminate National Clean Car Standards Today, CARB, 21 Attorneys Generals, Oakland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York Demand Trump Stop Clean Air Act Gutting)

These datasets cover, notably: regional markets where EVs sell best, EV market share of the passenger and light truck market, brand loyalty rates, EV conquest data, EV ownership profiles and more.

Because of Experian’s data gathering capability, it can identify more nuanced, regionally focused data amid the national EV debate:

Six states, and Washington D.C., over-index for electric market share – that is having more than the 0.9% share (which is the total national EV market share of the passenger and light truck market) through the first half of the 2018 calendar year:

  1. California 3.6% of all new registrations are electric vehicles, 396 index (3.6%/.9%)*100
  2. Washington 2.8% – 310 index
  3. Hawaii 2.21% – 243 index
  4. Oregon 1.7% – 191 index
  5. Washington DC 1.48% – 163 index
  6. Colorado 1.3% – 141 index
  7. Arizona 1.2% – 129 index
    1. Note independent calculation of index will result in slightly different numbers due to rounding

Nota bene that the western half of US is hotbed for electric vehicles!

20 Designated Market Areas over-index for electric market share through the first half of 2018:

  • San Francisco Oakland San Jose 7.9% share, 863 index
  • San Diego 4% share, 442
  • Juneau 3.5% share, 387 index
  • Seattle Tacoma 3.4% share, 375 index
  • Santa Barbara 2.9%, 321 index
  • Monterey Salinas 2.9%, 320 index
  • Los Angeles 2.8% share, 304 index
  • Honolulu 2.2% share, 243 index
  • Portland, OR 2% share, 214 index
  • Sacramento Stockton Modesto 1.8% share, 201 index
  • Denver, Eugene, Palm Springs, Phoenix, Eureka, Austin, Washington DC, Atlanta, Charlottesville, Bend, OR round out top 20




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