Biden’s Build Back Better Act Decreases Budget Deficit!

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office released today estimated budgetary effects of Title XIII, Committee on Ways and Means, H.R. 5376, also known as the badly named, but enlightened policy bill – the Build Back Better Act. BBBA according to CBO estimates would result in a net decrease in the unified deficit totaling $797.7 billion over the 2022-2031 period. That decrease in the deficit would result from an increase in direct spending of $411.5 billion and an increase in revenues of $1,209.3 billion.

Ken Zino of on Trump's failed economic policies for the middle class

Good Riddance – we couldn’t afford his disastrous policies… and will be paying for them for years.

Some of those budgetary effects are associated with programs that are classified as off-budget. The decrease in the on-budget deficit over that period would be $783.3 billion. To do the math for insurrectionist Republicans, this adds to ~$14 Billion dollars in the black, which likely because of the color means that most Republicans will no doubt oppose it. The failed former president, currently the insurrectionist in chief residing in Flori-duh, not only didn’t actually do anything to repair the infrastructure despite voluminous weekly (weakly?) announcements that it was infrastructure week, his tax cuts for the rich ran up record deficits as well.*see below.

This CBO estimate is based on language in two documents, which are available from the House Committee on Rules:

* Trump Economic Policy Disasters


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