Chevrolet Introduces 2024 Silverado EV 

Ken Zino of on Chevrolet Introduces 2024 Silverado EV pickup

Giving Ford’s Lightning a run for it’s EV money?

In a virtual keynote today at CES 2022, General Motors Chair and CEO Mary Barra reaffirmed the obvious trend that GM embraced more than a year ago – society is moving toward the mass adoption of electric vehicles.

She also teased the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV, a full-size pickup developed from GM’s Ultium platform. Customers will have the ability to buy or lease the truck within various price ranges, with MSRPs around $50,000, $60,000, $70,000, $80,000 and much, much more for the more for the flagship RST First Edition, which will debut with an MSRP of $105,000, plus $1695 for shipping. The Silverado EV will be offered only in Crew Cab models.

Ken Zino of on Chevrolet Introduces 2024 Silverado EV pickup

Upon entering the pickup, a 3D animation appears on the RST’s 17-inch- diagonal LCD infotainment screen, which is paired with a neighboring 11-inch-diagonal driver instrument display. With new, hands-free start, the EV turns on automatically after the driver enters with an enabled device?

Highlights of the late-to-market pickup are an expected GM-estimated 400-mile range1 on a full charge on Work Truck (WT) and RST models. There will be up to 664 horsepower with more than 780 lb.-ft. of torque in available max power Wide Open Watts Mode on RST, enabling a GM-estimated 0-60 mph time of less than 4.5 seconds.2 Standard, of course, is the now requisite DC fast charging (up to 350kW)3 on WT and RST, adding ~100 miles of range in 10 minutes based on GM estimates. There is as much as 10.2kW of offboard power on WT and RST with optional equipment. And, in the all-important towing category for those who use trucks as trucks, not mostly-male fashion accessories, up to 10,000 pounds of maximum trailering with up to 1,300 pounds of payload on RST.4 The WT will launch first for fleet customers with 510 hp and 615 lb.-ft of torque. The WT will offer 8,000 pounds of towing and 1,200 pounds of payload4. After initial launch, Chevrolet will introduce a fleet model with up to 20,000 pounds max trailering with the max tow package4.

The flagship RST First Edition offers:

  • Four-wheel steering
  • Automatic Adaptive Air Suspension
  • Multi-Flex Midgate that expands the truck’s cargo capability while maintaining seating for a rear row passenger
  • Optional Multi-Flex Tailgate with power release
  • Large, 17-inch-diagonal LCD freeform infotainment screen paired with a neighboring 11-inch-diagonal reconfigurable driver instrument display and a multi-color driver head-up display with a field of view more than 14 inches
  • Trailering-capable Super Cruise5, possibly the industry’s first real hands-free driver-assistance technology, allowing drivers to travel hands-free on more than 200,000 miles of compatible roads in the U.S. and Canada

 Reservations for the Silverado EV are available now at Let the speculation begin.

 Inevitable GM Footnotes

1 Range estimate based on current capability of analytical projection from SAE J1634 revision 2017 – MCT. Actual range may vary based on several factors, including temperature, terrain, battery age, loading, and how you use and maintain your vehicle. EPA estimates not yet available.

2 Performance targets, estimates and capability specifications based on computer-aided analysis and simulation using virtual engineering tools.

3 Requires use of public 800-volt DC fast chargers.

4 GM estimate. May require additional equipment. Before you buy or use vehicle for trailering, review Trailering section of Owner’s Manual. Weight of passengers, cargo and options or accessories may reduce tow capacity. See owner’s manual and label on vehicle door jamb for carrying capacity of a specific vehicle.

5 Always pay attention while driving and when using Super Cruise. Do not use a hand-held device. Visit for compatible roads and full details.

6 MSRP does not include estimated destination freight charge of $1695 (DFC is subject to change!), tax, title, license, dealer fees and optional equipment.

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