COP26 – CARB’s Liane Randolph New Chair of Transportation Decarbonisation Alliance

California today assumed the presidency of the Transportation Decarbonisation Alliance* (TDA) taking over its leadership from the Netherlands at COP26. Liane Randolph, Chair of the California Air Resources Board, will become the new TDA chair, assuming the role from the Netherlands Minister for Infrastructure and Water Management Steven van Weyenberg.

Under Governor Newsom, California has made the rapid shift to zero-emission transportation a top priority. The recent $3.9 billion Zero Emission Vehicle package advanced by the Governor in partnership with the Legislature will support the Governor’s Executive Order to ensure 100% ZEV sales for cars and medium trucks by 2035, and a 100% zero emission fleet of heavy-duty trucks and related equipment everywhere feasible by 2045. Virtually all Republicans in California and Nationally led by Senator majority leader Mitch McConnell oppose infrastructure improvements or positive actions on Global Warming. See Mark Ruffalo and Jonathan Scott on Electile Dysfunction the cure for Limp Democracy.

The Netherlands and California also announced the Call to Action on Zero-Emission Infrastructure that they jointly developed. Unveiled at the session, “Without It Nothing Moves”, the Call to Action was signed by more than 30 countries, regions, cities and companies. Joining California were the states of Colorado, Maine, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island and Washington, along with the Canadian province of British Columbia. The signatories support the effective collaboration of the public and private sector to ensure an accelerated deployment of needed charging infrastructure to catalyze the transition to zero-emission transportation.

TDA obseves: “The transportation sector is responsible for more than 10% of total global greenhouse gas emissions, and in many jurisdictions constitutes a majority of carbon pollution. In order to achieve the goal of global net-zero emissions by 2050 in line with the Paris Agreement objectives, accelerating the shift to zero-emission vehicles is a crucial and urgent objective. We welcome and applaud the increasingly ambitious targets established by cities, regions, states, companies and countries car producers and fleet owners to accelerate the necessary transition to zero emission vehicles in line with the Paris Agreement. Meeting these ambitious goals will, however, also require an equivalent level of ambition for the planning and deployment of a comprehensive network of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. That infrastructure will help drive, accelerate and catalyze this necessary transition and is fundamental to the success of meeting national and global zero-emission vehicle targets.”

“The ZEV Budget package will provide important public health, equity and climate benefits, especially for front-line communities impacted by car and truck pollution. It will also continue to support California’s zero-emission jobs and economy. California has registered nearly one million plug-in EVs, and zero-emission vehicles have become a top export category for California” according to CARB. on

*Transportation Decarbonisation Alliance is a collaboration among countries, cities or regions and companies as the major players in sustainable, low carbon mobility. Launched in 2018, the TDA was one of 12 commitments made at the One Planet Summit hosted by President Emmanuel Macron in Paris, France in December 2017 to accelerate the worldwide transformation of the transport sector towards a net-zero emission mobility system before 2050. The TDA’s contribution to this needed transformation is to foster cooperation toward carbon-free transport, accelerating action through synergy.

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