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COP26 – CARB’s Liane Randolph New Chair of Transportation Decarbonisation Alliance

Under Governor Newsom, California has made the rapid shift to zero-emission transportation a top priority. The recent $3.9 billion Zero Emission Vehicle package advanced by the Governor in partnership with the Legislature will support the Governor’s Executive Order to ensure 100% ZEV sales for cars and medium trucks by 2035, and a 100% zero emission fleet of heavy-duty trucks and related equipment everywhere feasible by 2045. Virtually all Republicans in California and Nationally led by Senator majority leader Mitch McConnell oppose infrastructure improvements or actions on Global Warming. See Mark Ruffalo and Jonathan Scott on Electile Dysfunction the cure for Limp Democracy. Continue reading

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California, New Zealand, Québec Sign Joint Agreement on Net Zero Green House Gases

The Joint Declaration accepts the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the latest findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. It acknowledges the common intent of the three jurisdictions to transition toward net-zero greenhouse gas emissions while creating new, quality jobs in low- or zero-emission sectors and facilitating a just transition for people impacted by the shift towards a carbon neutral economy. Continue reading

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