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Ken Zino of on Infotainment - Mercedes-Benz Group and ZYNC Mercedes-Benz Group has agreed to a partnership with ZYNC.  The California‑based company will provide the world-first implementation of its premium in-car digital entertainment platform for Mercedes-Benz. ZYNC will also provide the interface between content partners and existing compatible Mercedes-Benz hardware.

The aim of the partnership is to provide customers “with a digital entertainment experience tailored to the unique environment inside a Mercedes-Benz, while maximizing the benefits of the company’s UI/UX technologies such as the MBUX Hyperscreen.”

Through ZYNC, Mercedes-Benz customers will be able to access a range of third-party global and local streaming services. The first application of ZYNC is planned for the end of this year in the EQS and S-Class in Europe, with rollout in further models and markets planned for 2023.

The Mercedes-Benz interior a presents conditions that offer the “chance to provide an immersive cinematic experience of audio‑visual content that goes far beyond merely facilitating playback. Those conditions range from the size, format and position of screens and the bespoke arrangement of speakers to the type of content and the way it is navigated.”

ZYNC provides video streaming, on-demand content, local video programming, sports, news, gaming through a unified user interface. More than 30 streaming services are available from high-end global, regional and local partners, with additional partners and channels continuously integrated over the air. Most of these channels are included and do not need an individual subscription.

Well, there is a price. The prerequisite for ZYNC is an active Mercedes-Benz me account with the MBUX Entertainment Package, which is currently free of charge for one year from booking and can then be extended for a fee in the Mercedes me portal (country-specific deviations possible). The price of the vehicle is also required.

“We want to offer our customers a unique entertainment experience in their vehicles. Technologically, this is only achievable through the interaction of the best hardware and software. Whether our ENERGIZING Comfort programs, the innovative MBUX Hyperscreen or Dolby Atmos – a Mercedes-Benz is unmistakable and can be experienced with multiple senses… This underlines our claim to ‘Lead in Car Software’,” says Markus Schäfer, Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz Group AG, Chief Technology Officer, responsible for Development and Purchasing.

Now a word from M-B lawyers: “At the core of all Mercedes-Benz developments in in-car entertainment and visual content is road safety. The partnership with ZYNC is no exception. When the vehicle is in motion, streaming services are restricted, e.g. to passenger screens or audio only in accordance with local market regulations. Looking to the future, Mercedes-Benz is prepared for the use of video streaming while the car is in motion where approval exists for Level 3 conditionally automated driving.”

AutoInformed notes that Level 3 (click here) means the driver must be ready to take control of the vehicle at anytime not when the game is over.

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