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Renault and TheArsenale Unveil AIR4. What?

The original Renault 4 was a simple, efficient and versatile vehicle built between 1961 and 1992. A “blue jeans” car, as the former head of Renault Group, Pierre Dreyfus, used to describe it. It transported families, businesses and the likes of the gendarmerie and La Poste, as well as helping several generations of young motorists just getting behind the wheel. Now there’s a 4L designed to drive along above our heads. AIR4 claims the air as the new road of the future, according to Renault. Continue reading

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Renault 4 Anniversary – World’s Most Popular Car after Beetle and Model T

The third best selling model in auto history and the unquestioned bestselling French car globally, the Renault 4 celebrates its 50th anniversary next year. Global sales of more than eight million units in 100 countries, bestow upon the Renault 4 … Continue reading

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