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Ambitious production plans clouded or helped by Putin’s war against Ukraine?

Volta Trucks said today it will be in Madrid on the 5th  and 6th April, hyping the Volta Zero 16-ton truck at the Circuito del Jarma, home to the Spanish Grand Prix between 1968 and 1981. This follows the conclusion of a Series C funding round of €230 million last month.

Following the promised start of production this year, the vehicles could be in circulation in Madrid during  2023, a city that exceeded the EU’s air quality standard in 2021. Volta Trucks plans to produce 5,000 vehicles throughout Europe in 2023, increasing to 14,000 in 2024, 27,000 in 2025. The 16-tonne vehicle is the first of the four variants which range between 7.5- and 18-tonnes.

Given the competition from existing truck makers, this is ambitious – and only a promise until production begins. Following an order of electric trucks from DB Schenker in late 2021, pre-orders for the Volta Zero now exceed 5,000 vehicles, with a value of more than €1.2 billion, Volta claims.(AutoInformedProduction Starts on Prototype Volta Electric Truck)

Volta Trucks claims it will launch first in London and Paris by the end of this year. Volta Trucks will then expand into other cities throughout Europe and in North America. Volta Trucks has signed commercial agreements in Europe, with pre-orders for over 5,000 vehicles, with a value of over €1.2 billion. DB Schenker, the leading European road transport company, recently signed an agreement for ~1,500 full-electric vehicles, as well as Petit Forestier, the largest refrigerated vehicle rental fleet in Europe.

Diesel-engine trucks account for 72% of road-going greenhouse gases, according to VOLTA. In response to this, and with the objective to de-carbonize last mile logistics, the Swedish start-up taking to Spain the world’s first purpose-built, full-electric 16-tonne Volta Zero, which has been designed for city-center distribution, reducing the environmental impact of freight transport in urban centers, where air quality is at its worst.

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