Artificial Intelligence Next Big Thing in Autos?

As just the latest example of the growing use of sophisticated computer programming, some of it quite invasive and reckless in customer privacy issues, Mercedes-Benz is presenting what it calls “innovations and initiatives” from a variety of fields as part of its digitization strategy at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this month.

 The marketing babble aside, Benz will concentrate on systems with artificial intelligence (AI), such as the multimedia system MBUX – Mercedes-Benz User Experience. The new A‑Class with what is claimed to be an intuitive, teachable approach is celebrating its show premiere in Barcelona. MBUX can be individualized and adapts to the user. Map display supplemented by augmented reality is a new aspect.

For Daimler – as with virtually all automakers – or is that mobility companies in their current jargon? – the use of artificial intelligence is a central topic, in the development, production or the use of vehicles and in – what else – mobility services that automakers expect to become a major revenue source. (Toyota Takes Artificial Intelligence Hunting for New Materials,  NHTSA – Artificial Intelligence is ‘Driver’ in Autonomous Cars)

The start-up fair “Four Years from Now” (4YFN) takes place in parallel to the Mobility World Congress and Mercedes-Benz also has its own stand there too. As a conclusion to the Hackathon series “Digital Life Campus”, which enjoyed global success, Hack.IAA, Hack.Singapore, Hack.Berlin, Hack.TechCrunch and Hack.Bangalore teams can present their ideas there and chat to the experts.

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