EVs ‘Normal Now’ Claims Electrify America

AutoInformed.com on EVsElectrify America, a fast-charging provider for electric vehicles today launched its newest marketing campaign titled “Normal Now.” The digital campaign will kick off nationwide with a new informational website – www.NormalNow.com – as well as online videos, streaming TV ads, digital banner ads, social media ads, paid search, and streaming audio and podcast.

The “Normal Now” campaign aims to introduce and normalize zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) for the vast majority of Americans who are not aware of or have never considered switching to a zero-emission vehicle.

Through allegedly comical, and non-subtle 0:15 videos, GIFs and still images, the “Normal Now” campaign draws comparisons between “new technology” of the past – including cell phones, smart watches and online dating – and what might be the transportation method of the future.

The campaign explores how scary previous forms of “new technology” were at first and reinforces that – just like EVs – while it may have seemed weird at first, it’s normal now.

“A large percentage of the car buying public cite functional concerns about EVs, like range anxiety, charge time and cost, as reasons why they wouldn’t drive electric; however, the Normal Now campaign is inspired by the insight that there is actually a deeper, more emotional set of barriers standing in the way of consideration and adoption,” claims Richard Steinberg, Senior Director of Green Cities, Marketing and Communications at Electrify America.

He did not address the substantive issues behind range anxiety, charge time and cost.

“We believe that fear of change and lack of exposure to EVs in pop culture is making people view electric vehicles as too different from what they’re used to, and therefore are striving to normalize EVs with this latest educational campaign.”

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