Magna Wins Additional EV Component Business in China

Ken Zino of on Chinese electric vehicle start-ups

NextEV NIO EP9 – World’s Fastest EV?

Magna has won additional business to further support Chinese electric vehicle (EV) start-ups in the world’s largest and most CO2 producing vehicle market. Magna’s joint venture with Jiangling Motors Company celebrated a major milestone, achieving its 100,000th eDrive gearbox produced.

Magna’s plant in Jiangxi began production of eDrive gearboxes in 2018 with a claimed high efficiency, best-in-class power density; excellent noise, vibration and harshness performance; and a complete torque range from 200Nm to 530Nm. (NextEV NIO EP9 – World’s Fastest EV?)

Ken Zino of on 100,000 Magna eDrive gearboxes produced for Chinese EV Makers

Unlike Tesla, most of the auto industry is pursuing horizontal integration of alternative powertrains – thereby spreading the costs and the risks over multiple suppliers.

Today, they are found in various car models from sedans to SUVs for several Chinese automakers including NIO and Xpeng. Magna continues to win new business for eDrive technologies with EV start-ups.

“As powertrain electrification accelerates, especially in the Chinese market, we are positioned well to continue supporting automakers in their continued efforts to bring electrified vehicles to market quickly,” said Tom Rucker, President of Magna Powertrain. “Magna’s competitive advantage is attributed to our flexible approach to this growing market by offering both complete systems as well as e-components to our customers.”

Magna continues to deliver comprehensive electrification solutions from mild hybrid to battery electric vehicles as the industry progresses toward a cleaner future. The Canadian company uses a set of scalable building blocks that continue to supply industry leading traditional powertrain solutions while at the same time supporting the need for electrified systems and components.

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